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The Cultural Heritage of Topčider Tour
The Cultural Heritage of Topčider Tour
Tour Description


Since the 19th century the urban planning of Topčider (one of Belgrade’s many hills) was envisioned as a city oasis, with numerous parks, picnic spots, large areas of forest and greenery. Hidden within it are numerous villas, summer houses and art studios built at the beginning of the 20th century. Through the “Cultural Heritage of Topčider” tour we will reveal three hidden architectural gems of this area of Belgrade. We will visit two cultural institutions, which once were villas, and a very special museum. All of them share an interesting history and architecture, as well as permanent and thematic displays containing cultural heritage of national and international importance.

The tour includes the visit to three institutions: the Museum of African Art (14, Andre Nikolića Street), the memorial House of King Peter (40, Vase Pelagića Street) & Heritage House – the Legacy of Petar Lubarda (1, Iličićeva Street).

Walking and talking with you, are art historians Ana Knežević, Museum of African Art associate & Ivana Zatežić, Heritage House associate.

Important information:

  • If you are interested in a tour in English it is necessary to form a group of at least 5 participants.
  • Gathering point: the Museum of African Art; 14, Andre Nikolića Street.
  • Approximate duration: 150 minutes
  • Ticket: 500 Dinars

For all information:

Tour Info
Museum of African Art
serbian and english
500 rsd
Museum of African Art, House of King Peter, Legacy of Petar Lubarda


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