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Tour Description

The visit to the Avala Tower:

Ticket price (basic) is 300 RSD

Ticket price (insider) is 150 RSD.

Ticket price (coffee shop) is 550 RSD. The ticket price includes one drink and a tour of "Belvedere"

The right to a privileged ticket have primary school pupils, secondary school pupils, students and pensioners.

The right to have a special card:

- Children up to 7 years
- Children 7 to 12 years old to enter the coffee bar accompanied by an adult
- Persons with 100% degree of disability and their companions
- Persons with disabilities and their companions
- WHO / socially engaged associations
- the press with the press valid authorization
- licensed tour guides with ID cards


Visitors can enjoy the run up to the Avala Tower. On weekends from Nikola Pasic Square Lastin open bus drives citizens and tourists to the Avala Tower.

May, June and September - 10.30h и 14.30h

July and August - 10.00h и 14.00h

Does not operate when it’s raining.

Driving to Avala with Lasta open bus cost 600rsd for adults and for children up to 14 years. 400rsd

Price for groups - (maximum 30 persons) 300rsd


On weekends from May to the end of August you can go to the Avala tower with city bus No. 400.

The bus leaves from the station Voždovac/Trosarina duty on every 40 minutes from 8:00 to 19:30, a price for one-way ticket is 150 dinars.

From 01.09, from the same standpoint traffic buses 401, 402, 403 drives to Pinosava village at the foot of Avala. You can get to the top wicket-marked paths or via.

Virtuel tour - Avala tower


Tour Info
011/ 2635622, 011/ 6641251
Tickets and Information

Information and reservatiom
fax. +381 +381 11 36 93 251

Opening Hours

9 - 17h      01.03 - 31.03. 
9 - 19h     01.04. - 30.04. 
9 - 20h      1.05. - 30.09.
9 - 18h      1.10. - 31.10.
9 - 16h      1.11. -  29.02.

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