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Belgrade from the age of knights
Belgrade from the age of knights
Tour Description

Serbian knights were among the most skilled warriors of medieval Europe, and Serbian ruler despot Stefan was one of the founders of higly prestigious XV century chivalric order – Order of the Dragon. In the Gallery of frescoes, we’ll see replicas of most beautiful Serbian frescoes, some of which show fully equipped and armed knights. After a walk through Belgrade fortress, we’ll be greeted by members of Beli Orlovi, a guild dedicated to preservation of chivalric traditions and sword fighting skills. For a brief moment, we’ll feel like nobles of old on a tourney while two fully clad knights engage in combat. After visiting the monument to despot Stefan and hearing the outlandish way it was installed, we’ll proceed to Cvijeta Zuzorić pavilion, were a short film about XV century 

Tour Info
Sunday from 16:30 pm / Departure in front of Etnographic museum at Studentski trg
2,5 hours
900 rsd
Felix travel d.o.o., Obilićev venac 18
011/ 2635-622, 011/2635-343
Tickets and Information

Knez Mihailova 5 (city center)
Monday - Sunday 09-19č
tel. +381 11 2635-622 and 2635-343


Sunday from 16:30. Departure in front of the Ethnographic Museum. The guides are graduate historians. Members of the association "White Eagles", which cherishes the tradition of Serbian medieval chivalry will carry out a performance of fighting with real swords and the knight’s uniform and armor.


Experience Belgrade from a different perspective ! The tours are organized in the visible part of the day , departing from Dobanovci ( 15-20 min drive from the city center) , for a period of 15 , 30 and 60 minutes. For a closer experience of the city , recommended tours of 30 and 60 minutes. The flights are carried out by helicopters type Robinson R44  , with a capacity of three passengers + pilot, allowing  maximum comfort. Pilots are most experienced pilots in Serbia. Enjoy the flight and the beauty of Belgrade from the air! ...


The visit to the Avala Tower: Ticket price (basic) is 300 RSD Ticket price (insider) is 150 RSD. Ticket price (coffee shop) is 550 RSD. The ticket price includes one drink and a tour of "Belvedere" The right to a privileged ticket have primary school pupils, secondary school pupils, students and pensioners. The right to have a special card: - Children up to 7 years- Children 7 to 12 years old to enter the coffee bar accompanied by an adult- Persons with 100% degree of disability and their companions- Persons with disabilities and their companions- WHO / socially engaged associations- the...

Savamala Creative District
Savamala Creative District

Savamala Creative District Savamala is one of the oldest parts of Belgrade and one of the most popular parts of the city. Some of the most beautiful examples of architecture are located in this neighborhood. The tour shows you the city in the bohemian and contemporary perspective while guiding you to many underground and avant-garde places. Departure: Saturday, in front of the hotel Bristol, Karađorđeva 50, from 12 to 14 PM Contact: Ivana Topalovic 381-(0)64-822 6604 Duration: 2 hours APLICATION IS MANDATORY AT LEAST ONE DAY PRIOR TO THE TOUR Information and...