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Underground secrets and dungeons of Belgrade fortress
Underground secrets and dungeons of Belgrade fortress
Tour Description

Venture through underground chambers and well guarded military secrets of one of the largest forts in Europe, the Belgrade Fortress. We’ll set foot in the Roman well, whose eerie atmosphere ticked even the imagination of great Alfred Hitchcock. A Cold war military bunker, hidden from public eye until recently, shows the danger of Yugoslavia’s leader Tito attempts to balance between two world powers. In the Casemates under the Military museum we will witness a dark side of the human psyche, showcased by a collection of medieval torture instruments. Deep under the rock of Pobednik plateau we’ll visit the Great gunpowder magazine, with its hall decorated by stone Roman artifacts.

In the end, an optional visit to Nebojša tower, built in XV century to defend the city against the Ottoman threat, only to be made into an infamous Ottoman dungeon three centuries later.

Tour Info
Sunday from 11am/ Group meeting at Pavilion Cvjeta Zuzoric ina Kalemegdan park
2,5 hours
840 rsd
Felix travel d.o.o., Obilićev venac 18
011/ 2635622, 011/ 2635343
Tickets and Information

Purchase tickets: TOURIST INFO CENTER
Knez Mihailova 5 (city center)
Monday - Sunday 09-19č
tel. +381 11 2635-622 and 2635-343


Sunday from 11 am. Departure from the Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzoric at Kalemegdan. Departure is from the art pavilion, so includes a tour to the current exhibition. The guides are historians and journalists who know Belgrade very well.

Reservations are required

Savamala Creative District
Savamala Creative District

Savamala Creative District Savamala is one of the oldest parts of Belgrade and one of the most popular parts of the city. Some of the most beautiful examples of architecture are located in this neighborhood. The tour shows you the city in the bohemian and contemporary perspective while guiding you to many underground and avant-garde places. Departure: Saturday, in front of the hotel Bristol, Karađorđeva 50, from 12 to 14 PM Contact: Ivana Topalovic 381-(0)64-822 6604 Duration: 2 hours APLICATION IS MANDATORY AT LEAST ONE DAY PRIOR TO THE TOUR Information and...

A Coffee at Princess Ljubica’s
A Coffee at Princess Ljubica’s

Visit the program at the Residence of Princess Ljubica and learn more of life in Belgrade during the reign of the Obrenović dynasty. The curator of the Museum of the City of Belgrade, dressed in a costume from Princess Ljubica period, hosts and greets visitors. In addition to the basic history you will learn how Serbian rulers use to dress, how they kept their household, raised their children, what decorations they put in their hair… Program: performance by the curator of the Museum of Belgrade, with coffee and Turkish delights. Maximum number of visitors for the program is 30...

Belgrade from the age of knights
Belgrade from the age of knights

Serbian knights were among the most skilled warriors of medieval Europe, and Serbian ruler despot Stefan was one of the founders of higly prestigious XV century chivalric order – Order of the Dragon. In the Gallery of frescoes, we’ll see replicas of most beautiful Serbian frescoes, some of which show fully equipped and armed knights. After a walk through Belgrade fortress, we’ll be greeted by members of Beli Orlovi, a guild dedicated to preservation of chivalric traditions and sword fighting skills. For a brief moment, we’ll feel like nobles of old on a tourney while...