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Guided Scooter Tours
Guided Scooter Tours
Tour Description

The tours of Smile&Ride give you the opportunity to see all sides of Belgrade in the best way possible: by scooter! You will be visiting the unique and the most important sights and locations. Discover the City of incredible energy that leaves no one indifferent! Discover Belgrade!


Smile&Ride offers:

1. Guided Tours -  Between April and October, the Belgrade Grand Tour starts every day of the week at 13:00 at 7 Misarska street (Nixon Caffe). While driving, through the helmet communicator, the guide will tell you about Belgrade, about its history, culture, important buildings, the famous Belgrade taverns and urban myths. You will find out interesting facts and information that cannot be found in tourist brochures, read in books or seen on television. Discover Belgrade in a completely unique way, and our licensed guides will make sure you enjoy every moment of the tour.

2. GPS Tours - Rent a scooter with a GPS device that has pre-recorded routes of the most interesting and most important Belgrade sites. See the city in a unique and completely innovative way.You can also create your own route and explore Belgrade without the possibility of getting lost.The GPS device is easy to handle and our staff will demonstrate you how to use it before the start of your tour.

3. Individual Scooter Rental - Discover Belgrade in complete freedom with our 49cc automatic scooter.When renting a scooter you will get a map and a brochure with Belgrade’s attractions, we will tell you what museums you should make sure to visit, where to take a cup of coffee with a taste of Belgrade, we will show you where is the only ski slope in Belgrade, the place with the most beautiful sunset, the perfect restaurants for dinner and the best and most interesting way to spend 24 hours in visiting Belgrade on a scooter.






Tour Info
7, Mišarska street (Nixon Caffe) at 13:00
English, Serbian

+381 65 993 44 55
Tickets and Information

7 Misarska street (Nixon Caffe)