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Open-Air Concert Spectacle
 Open-Air Concert Spectacle

On 25 June, the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra will give the biggest ever open-air concert of classical music in the Serbian history, directed by the orchestra’s new Chief Conductor Gabriel Feltz.

In New Belgrade’s Block 13, on the lot near the Palace of Serbia where the orchestra’s future concert hall will be built, tens of thousands of people will have the chance to hear the performance of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra.
The audience will get to decide on the orchestra’s repertoire by voting on the BPO website for their favorite compositions from a list of 25 pieces, which will then be included in the concert programme for that night. The list of music pieces offered by the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra includes the most popular classical music compositions, such as Bizet’s Carmen, Ravel’s Bolero, waltzes by Strauss and Shostakovich, Mambo from the West Side Story and The Imperial March from Star Wars, as well as Konjović’s The Great Chochek Dance and Hristić’s Turtledove.

The Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra is inviting music lovers from all around Serbia, especially families with children, to this grand concert picnic, in which they will enjoy the most beautiful classical music numbers. The orchestra’s open-air concert is not solely a huge endeavour from the artistic point of view, but also an immense production challenge, which entails the preparation of the site, design and construction of the stage, provision of top-notch audio and lighting equipment.
The Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra’s regular season performances are traditionally sold out very quickly – in the upcoming season 2017/18, more than 20,000 tickets were sold within just four weeks. For all those who have never visited the concert hall of the Ilija M. Kolarac Foundation – the orchestra’s current residence, the open-air concert is an opportunity to hear the best Serbian orchestra on the site where the construction will soon start of the new concert hall, which will be able to receive many more visitors than the current venue.


In New Belgrade’s Block 13, on the lot near the Palace of Serbia
MOSTAR SEVDAH REUNION in front of the audience in Belg
MOSTAR SEVDAH REUNION  in front of the audience in Belg

Mostar Sevdah Reunion will perform on Tuesday, March 10th, at 20:00 in The Concert Hall of Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment. The band was made in Mostar based at the idea of Dragi Šestić, producer  during the nineties. It could be said that Mostar Sevdah Reunion is one of the well-renowned bands from the Balkans at the world music scene. They attracted the world attention with their first album released for Nederland World Connection in 1999. Their style is special - established at the contemporary arranged sevdah songs. They released eight albums. During the last 15 years  Mostar...


Jovan Kolundžija, violin RTS Symphony Orchestra Stanko Jovanović, conductor Yury Revich, violin (Russia/Austria) – guest at the concert Program: Saint-Saëns , Sarasate, Paganini, music from movies „Gone with the wind“, „ Scent of a Woman “, „Yentl“, „Cinema Paradiso“, „ Schindler’s List “ and „Ladies in Lavender“. With magical sounds of his Guarnerius violin and the Symphony Orchestra of Radio Television of Serbia, led by conductor Stanko Jovanović, our...

The great music performers Mikhail Pletnev
The great music performers Mikhail Pletnev

MIKHAIL PLETNEV is a celebrated pianist, a famous conductor, respected composer and renowned artist, who surmounts all usual shares and bondaries in art music. " Special virtuosity and precision are his art of the piano performance. Owing to his conductor career, his playing received more symphonic fantasy in sound. " Mikhail Pletnev was born in 1959 in the Russian city Arhangelesku. He showed his talent in the early childhood. He registered the Moscow Conservatory at t ahe age of thirteen. He won The First Award at the International Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow in 1978. Since then, he...