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Tord Gustavsen
Tord Gustavsen

Famous Norwegian jazz pianist and composer Tord Gustavsen will be one of the stars at the 32nd Belgrade Jazz Festival, due to be held from October 26-30 under the name “Planet jazz”.

On October 28, Belgrade jazz lovers can enjoy the grand master of meditative night moods, Norwegian Tord Gustavsen Quartet.

Tord Gustavsen began playing the piano at the age of 4. He later developed his compositional and improvisational skills before undertaking classical training. The musician opened his ears to jazz during his college years. After graduating, he took on freelance work, and quickly became a staple of the Norwegian jazz scene.

He has released seven albums on ECM Records with his ensemble and trio; "Changing Places" (2003), "The Ground" (2005), "Being There" (2007), "Restored, Returned" (2009/2010), "The Well" (2012); "Extended Circle" (2014); and "What was said" (2016). His music has been met by a huge volume of critical approval around the world. He has won the Norwegian Grammy Award (Spellemannsprisen) and numerous other awards and prizes.

Belgrade Jazz Festival has a quite long tradition, with first one being held in 1971. The last festival in a row was held in 1990, after which came 14-years long pause. Since 2005, Belgrade jazz festival is again one of the most popular annual events in the city, aiming to represent contemporary music tendencies and traditional styles, as well promote local jazz scene.

This year, organisers have prepared a rich programme that will include many distinguished local and international jazz stars. The complete programme of this year’s festival is available at the festival website.

Amerikana DOB-a
Date and Time
28.10.2016 23:00

Musical and vocal group Gregorian will hold a concert at Belgrade’s Hala Sportova on 8th February on their farewell tour. This German-English band, that is very popular in Serbia, will perform on the final leg of their Master of Chants – Final Chapter Tour. They will perform modern takes on medieval Gregorian chants, as well as their own interpretations of music by Peter Gabriel, Lenny Kravitz, Coldplay, Queen, The Doors… So far, over 1.3 million people have seen their show and the band sold over 20 million albums worldwide. The founder of Gregorian, Frank Peterson, who is...

Bitef Art Café Program for the weekend
Bitef Art Café Program for the weekend

Friday 27|11 St Louis St Louis is a fenomenal cover band that will blow your mind and give you the impression you are actually in a concert! They play the greatest hits, from the 80’ till today but in their own, unique way, mixing styles and genres. Welcome to the best LIVE MUSIC CLUB in Belgrade and Serbia!   Saturday 28|11 Girls, Boys and Toys This band has three amazing singers, who will make you dance by dancing themselves. Also, they have the incredible ability to perform strictly male songs, like Prodigy and Rammstein and...

Open-Air Concert Spectacle
 Open-Air Concert Spectacle

On 25 June, the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra will give the biggest ever open-air concert of classical music in the Serbian history, directed by the orchestra’s new Chief Conductor Gabriel Feltz. In New Belgrade’s Block 13, on the lot near the Palace of Serbia where the orchestra’s future concert hall will be built, tens of thousands of people will have the chance to hear the performance of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra.   The audience will get to decide on the orchestra’s repertoire by voting on the BPO website for their favorite...