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24.03. - 11.04.2017.

Belgrade Dance Festival is one of the most important cultural events which this year brings 15 dance companies from 9 countries and 30 choregroaphies in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

March, 11th, 12th & 13th, 20h| Terazije Theater

New Theater & Baryshnikov Productions| Riga/New York

Brodsky/Baryshnikov, Alvis Hermanis

March 24th, 20h| Sava Center

March 25th, 20h| Serbian National Theater, Novi Sad

Ballet BC| Vancouver

Solo Echo, Crystal Pite

Bill, Sharon Eyal

March 26th, 20h| Sava Center (stage)

Scottish Dance Theater|Dundee

Yama, Damien Jalet

March 27th, 20h| National Theater

Ballet of National Theater| Belgrade


March 28th, 20h| Belgrade Drama Theater

Ioannis Mandafounis Company|Geneve

Ossip Mandelstam. A Performance, Ioannis Mandafounis

March 29th, 20h| Sava Center


In Memoriam, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

Cantata, Mauro Bigoncetti

Nowhere, Dimitris Papaioannou

March 30th, 20h| Belgrade Drama Theater

Collettivo Cinetico|Ferrara

10 Miniballetti, Francesca Pennini

March 31st, 20h| Theater Atelier 212

Helena Waldmann Company| Berlin

Good passports, bad passports, Helena Waldmann

April 1st, 20h| Opera Madlenianum

Tero Saarinen Company|Helsinki

Morphed, Tero Saarinen

April 2nd, 21h & April 3rd, 20h | Terazije Theater

April 4th, 20h| Serbian National Theater, Novi Sad (small stage)

Ballet Hispanico|Njujork

Linea Recta, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa

Bury Me Standing, Ramon Oller

Club Havana, Pedro Ruiz

April 4th, 20h| National Theater

Croatian National Theater Ballet| Zagreb

Dark Landscapes, Marjana Krajač

Bolero, Maša Kolar

April 5th, 20h| Belgrade Drama Theater

Dance On Ensemble| Berlin

7 Dialogues, Matteo Fargion  

Catalogue (first edition), William Forsythe

April 7th, 20h| Sava Center

Kidd Pivot|Vancouver

Betroffenheit, Crystal Pite

April 8th, 21h & April 9th, 20h| Terazije Theater

Company Kafig|Créteil

Pixel, Mourad Merzouki

April 10th, 17h & 20h| Theater Atelier 212

Akram Khan Company|London

Chotto Desh, Akram Khan

April 11th,21h| Yugoslav Drama Theater

L-E-V|Tel Aviv 

OCD Love, Sharon Eyal


Terazije Theater, Sava Center, National Theater, Theater Atelier 212, Belgrade Drama Theater
Albrecht Durer and his contemporaries
Albrecht Durer and his contemporaries

Belgrade City Museum will be hosting an international exhibition dedicated to the great German artist and theoretician Albrecht Dürer – “Albrecht Dürer and his contemporaries – Triumphal Procession of Emperor Maximilian I” by East Slovak Museum from Košice, Slovakia. The exhibition is to be displayed at the Residence of Princess Ljubica from September 5 to October 31. The exhibition is divided into two segments – the first wil present  the work by Dürer and his contemporaries and the second will be presenting the cycle “The...

120 years since the creation of
120 years since the creation of

To mark 120 years since the creation of "Migration of Serbs," it is our pleasure to invite you to the evening dedicated to this masterpiece of Paja Jovanovic and historic event that inspired him. On this occasion will be exhibited reproductions on canvas "Migration of Serbs," of Paja Jovanivić....

In Memory of Jovan Ćirilov
In Memory of Jovan Ćirilov

Held under the motto “In Memory of Jovan Ćirilov”, BITEF 2015 will take place in Belgrade and Novi Sad from September 17 to 24. The 49th Bitef will present theatrical companies from Serbia, France, Germany, Russia, Croatia and Slovenia. To read more about 49th BITEF and its program, visit The Festival selector Anja Suša said that this is the first BITEF without the selector Jovan Ćirilov and that program will be rich and diverse. ” The idea behind it  is not just to pay tribute to Jovan Ćirilov, who undoubtedly...