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Exhibition “The Dolls of Japan”
Exhibition “The Dolls of Japan”

The Museum of Applied Art in Belgrade, in cooperation with the Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Serbia and the Japan Foundation, will present a unique exhibition entitled “The Dolls of Japan” to the Belgrade audience, which will be open on Wednesday, June 15 at the Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade and will last until 4 July.

Japan nourishes the exceptional culture of dolls and it has a long tradition of their manufacture. Each doll bears its own meaning and has its own purpose, which are deeply connected with everyday life. This centuries-long appreciation of dolls has resulted in the belief that dolls do not represent merely children’s toys, but that they are works of art worthy of admiration.

In Japan, dolls are highly appreciated forms of an artistic craft. Doll exhibitions represent specific competitions where craftsmen show the finest manufacturing techniques. Contemporary craftsmen use proven old methods in the creation of traditional Japanese dolls, which are particularly appreciated by their owners. Thus, this exhibition offers a representative overview of the diversity of Japanese dolls and fineness of their manufacture.

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“Not Really a Calabash...”
“Not Really a Calabash...”

Participants studied the form and shape, as well as traditional motifs that occur repeated on ceramic vessels and African-gourds calabashes. There were two series of five-day workshops over the course of four hour periods, which was enough time for the students to master certain basic modelling techniques and sculpted ornaments, as decorative elements of the vessels. Workshop participants will be awarded certificates of participation, and the best works will be rewarded with a Museum gift package. The workshops were led and conceptualised by Milica Josimov, sculptor and Milica Naumov,...

Museum Night 2015
Museum Night 2015

This year’s Night of Museums will take place under the motto “Eyes Open to the Night” on Saturday, May 16th, from 5 pm till 1 am. During one single night 69 locations in Belgrade and 51 towns in Serbia will bring together more than 180 cultural institutions – museums, galleries and exhibition spaces with a total of 466 events. The 12th Museum Night will open the doors of cultural institutions in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Sabac, Kosovska Mitrovica, Negotin, Zrenjanin, Svilajinac, Nis, Pozarevac, Sombor, Jagodina, Leskovac The 10th Museum Night in 2013 recorded...


In celebration of Museum of Applied Art’s Day (founded on November 6, 1950) we are presenting exhibition „Chairs: Centuries of Style”, dedicated to individual seating furniture, without which today it would be hard to imagine various, individual or collective, public or private activities. The author of the exhibition, Marija Bujuć, conceived, together with her collaborators, an attractive exhibition in which the exhibits greet and invite museum visitors, in an original way, to a journey through the centuries of presence of chair as the queen of interiors. In the...