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In celebration of Museum of Applied Art’s Day (founded on November 6, 1950) we are presenting exhibition „Chairs: Centuries of Style”, dedicated to individual seating furniture, without which today it would be hard to imagine various, individual or collective, public or private activities.

The author of the exhibition, Marija Bujuć, conceived, together with her collaborators, an attractive exhibition in which the exhibits greet and invite museum visitors, in an original way, to a journey through the centuries of presence of chair as the queen of interiors.

In the exhibition and in the accompanying catalogue, only a part of the collection of seating furniture of the Department for Period Furniture and Wood of Museum of Applied Art is shown, with 63 catalogue items and 80 objects (chairs, recliners, armchairs and tabourets). The oldest object in the collection, the so called Dante Chair, dates from the 16th century, and the youngest from the first decade of the 20th, was designed by Dragutin Inkiostri Medenjak. At about the same time, in 1908, a chair by Hans Gunter Reinstein (1880–1938) was conceived, and it anticipated the development of seating furniture of the centuries to come.

In order to comprehend the overall evolution of chair and its varieties, the author of the exhibition Marija Bujić provided a concise historic development, in the text in the catalogue, from the ancient civilizations to the modern era, accentuating the important periods, countries, styles and individuals who influenced its construction and shaping. This overview affirms the fact that seating furniture represents very important typological group of furniture in general, in which were reflected, apart from stylistic characteristics, the phases of rise and fall of civilizations, states and historic personalities.

For those stylistic epochs that could not be illustrated with photographs from the Museum’s collections, drawings by Mrs Mirjana Vojnović, MA, were used in the catalogue, as convincing illustrations of the seating furniture of the past, and around one hundred of them feature as an accompanying exhibition of the main display.

With their avid professional knowledge, the specialist for the conservation of wood, Milan Andrić and the specialist for conservation of textile, Marija Labudović, helped objects regain their old glow, at least to an extent.

Museum of Applied Art
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