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Belgrade to Bowie
Belgrade to Bowie

Belgrade to Bowie is a project dedicated to the recently departed icon – David Bowie, focusing on an exhaustive exhibition of photographs by a world popular music photographer Brian Rasic, who was Bowie’s official photographer for more than two decades. Brian captured some of the most memorable images on and off stage.

More than 100 Rasic’s photos will be central to this exhibition in a new Yugoslav Film Archive in Belgrade in the course of almost three months, along with utterly compelling programme, enriched with an accompanying display of works by local artists who found inspiration in Bowie. (Aleksandar Gligorijević, Mateja Petković, Nemanja Jehlička, Goran Milanović, Marko Lađušić, Svetlana Sakan, Željka Mićanović Miljković, Nino Maljević, Goran Vitanović, Filip Mikić, …).  Throughout these three months visitors will also have the opportunity to watch Bowie’s films and attend lectures and workshops.

Brian Rasic was born in Belgrade in the former Yugoslavia. He left his hometown back in the 70s at times to try and find himself ever since 1979. Brian established himself as a reliable and trusted music photographer over the years and has a huge music catalogue of pictures that sells around the world by leading photographic agency Getty. In his longstanding career, he has photographed an incredible number of musicians of all music genres, being a music lover himself.  Brian is well known worldwide as the official photographer of The Rolling Stones, amongst other music legends, such as David Gilmour of Pink Floyd.

David Bowie and Brian Rasic met in the early 80s and since then, he has had the opportunity to capture some of the historical moments of the great artists.

Thanks to the support of Raiffeisen Bank, we will be able to enjoy those moments taken with the camera of Brian Rasic, during the exhibition at the Yugoslav Film Archive.

Yugoslav Film Archive
Uzun Mirkova 1
Musicology Festival 2015 - Gregory Porter
Musicology Festival 2015 - Gregory Porter

Thursday 23/7 9pm Duško Gojković and Belgrade Summit Octet Trumpeter, composer, arranger and bandleader, Duško Gojković - a true legend, not only of Serbian and Yugoslavian jazz, but certainly one the most successful, best known and most recognized musicians from the Balkans, with his band "Belgrade Summit Octet," will open the second edition of the Musicology festival. Dusko Gojkovic, a pioneer of the Balkan - jazz fusion, continues to be in top form as a performer as well as an author, even though having turned 84. His international career has continued for nearly six...

JURA ADVENTURE - Opening Dino Park Kalemegdan
JURA ADVENTURE - Opening Dino Park Kalemegdan

Belgrade Fortress, the most attractive and most visited tourist sites in Serbia, from June 18, will have in its offer one more attraction - Dino park. Dino Park will be set up in front of the Istanbul Gate at the Belgrade Fortress. Grand opening is scheduled for Saturday, June 18 at 13 o’clock. More than 35 replicas of dinosaurs in life-size, among which will be moving reptiles from prehistoric times which emit sound, will be available for research, photography and education of children....

CoffeeFest™ 2015
CoffeeFest™ 2015

2nd Regional festival of coffee, tea and hot beverage - CoffeeFest™ 2015 will be held in Belgrade, on September 25th and  26th in the open air, on the closed for traffic street Ušće, the nearest vicinity of the Ušće shopping center. Coffee, tea, and other hot beverage lovers will have the opportunity to get to know new trends and brewing methods, as well as enjoy the various tastes and aromas of their favorite beverages. It is expected that over 25.000 real coffee and tea enthusiasts will visit CoffeeFest™, and besides sampling all the different tastes, they...