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Masha and the Bear on ice
Masha and the Bear on ice

Masha and The Bear on Ice represents unique modern adaptation of anime series Masha and The Bear that is popular all around the world. 

The adventure on ice is full of humorous situations, brilliant figure skating, acrobatics as well as projections and effects.

This adaptation of a popular Russian animated film, includes of 30 professional dancers and acrobats dressed in colourful costumes and performed on magnificently designed sets. 




Kombank arena
Knight Fest 2016
Knight Fest 2016

On the greatest children holidays Lazarus’ Saturday and Palm Sunday, Belgrade is becoming city of knights, children and joy. “BOYS AND GIRLS, BECOME PRINCES AND PRINCESSES!”This year, Belgrade Fortress will be shining as it has shined at the the time of the Great Saint Despot Stefan Lazarevic more than 5 centuries ago.Knights, nobles , painters, artists, sculptors, cantors , ensembles, choirs, writers, homilists, archers, swordsmen , craftsmen, falconers, athletes and actors will through various programs, workshops, exhibitions, battles, combats, plays and performances bring...

Erin’s Fiddle
Erin’s Fiddle

The troupe Erin’s Fiddle, promoter of the Irish folk dance will hold a concert in the great hall of Dom omladine on December 18 at 20:00. The dance troupe Erin’s Fiddle was founded in 2006 and in a short time it has become the largest dance company of its type in the region. Inspired by the famous troops "Riverdance" and "The Lord of the Dance" that nurture modern Irish dance, Erin’s Fiddle quickly developed and became professional dance ensemble, which participated in numerous international competitions and won several major awards.    ...

31st Belgrade Jazz Festival Starts Soon
31st Belgrade Jazz Festival Starts Soon

One of the most famous music manifestations in the city Belgrade Jazz Festival takes place from the 28th of October to the 1st of November at Dom Omladine Beograd.  31st Belgrade Jazz Festival will be 17 million, five million dinars more than last year, which shows that this festival deserves the support of both city and state, and that each year will be better and better, said today the city manager Goran Vesic after the session Organizing Committee of the festival. “At the board meeting, we noted with pride that we have sold 150 sets of tickets in advance, and so far the record...