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Square of Open Heart, 1st Dec 2016 – 1st Feb 2017.

New Year & Christmas Market on the Republic Square

Winter Festival Ice@Tas, 15th Dec 2016 – 15th Feb 2017.
Ice-skating on Tasmajdan Station, every Friday “Retro party night”

Square of Fairytales, 15th Dec 2016 – 15th Jan 2017. године.
Wooden House in front of UK Vuk with the program of Serbian and Brothers Grim fairytales.

Free Ice Skating on the Nikola Pasic Square, 15th Dec 2016 – 1st Feb 2017.

Sava Promenade, 16th Dec 2016 – 15th Feb 2017.
Concerts, fireworks, performances on Sava Promenada which will on the 1st of January be a part of Street of Open Heart charity event. Concerts of music bends Kiki Lesendric & Piloti and Tropico Bend on the 29th of December

Children’s New Year, 16th Dec 2016 – 30th Dec 2016. 
Belgrade Fair hosts free events for children: theatre plays, music program and entertainment.

Santa Claus Race, 25th Dec 2016.
More than 3.000 little Santa Causes will run the Street of King Milan making the holiday atmosphere interesting and exciting. The event also includes music program.

New Year Celebration 2017 / In front of the National Parliament Building / 30th and 31st Dec 2016.

30th Dec: Goran Bregovic and “Bijelo dugme” and Aca Lukas
31st Dec: “Bajaga & Instruktori” and “Plavi Orkestar”

Street of Open Heart, 1st Jan 2017.

Traditional event dedicated to children in Svetogorska Street

Orthodox Christmas – Square of Open Heart, 7th Jan 2017

Orthodox New Year Celebration, 13th Jan 2017. 

Program in front of the Old Court

Final event / End of the Belgrade Winter Festival 1st Feb 2017. 

Africa through symbols - graphics workshops
Africa through symbols - graphics workshops

During the summer holidays the Museum of Afican art will organize a series of free youth workshops. The course “Africa through symbols - creative workshops for high school pupils” will introduce participants with the importance and significance of various symbols that appear in West Africa, with special emphasis on the Adinkra symbols of the Akan people in Ghana. Program "Africa through symbols - creative workshops graphics" will be held in the premises of the Museum of African Art in five groups: - I group from 20 to 24 June; - II group of 4 to 8 July; - III group from 11 to...

Tourism Forum
Tourism Forum

A bilateral Tourism Forum, between Serbia and Greece, will be held at Metropol Hotel, Belgrade, on the 14th December 2016. Organised by TGI Group International and under the auspices of the Greek National Tourism Organization, and Tourist Organization of Belgrade, the Tourism Forum focuses on the ways the tourism sector in Greece and Serbia can contribute further to the economies of both countries, the bilateral relations and the prospects for joint actions and initiatives aimed to strengthen the tourism cooperation between the two countries. Opening session will be addressed by Mr. Dimitris...


For the 14. time in a row, one Saturday in May night will keep whole Serbia awake until the late evening hours! During one single night, more than 40 towns in Serbia will bring together their cultural institutions – museums, galleries and exhibition spaces with a total of more than 450 events. In Belgrade, there will be 67 participating institutions with 136 separate events. This year’s Museum Night presents participating cultural institutions in a new guise, initiates the establishment of the new ones, breaks down barriers and promotes cultural heritage. As in previous years,...