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Square of Open Heart, 1st Dec 2016 – 1st Feb 2017.

New Year & Christmas Market on the Republic Square

Winter Festival Ice@Tas, 15th Dec 2016 – 15th Feb 2017.
Ice-skating on Tasmajdan Station, every Friday “Retro party night”

Square of Fairytales, 15th Dec 2016 – 15th Jan 2017. године.
Wooden House in front of UK Vuk with the program of Serbian and Brothers Grim fairytales.

Free Ice Skating on the Nikola Pasic Square, 15th Dec 2016 – 1st Feb 2017.

Sava Promenade, 16th Dec 2016 – 15th Feb 2017.
Concerts, fireworks, performances on Sava Promenada which will on the 1st of January be a part of Street of Open Heart charity event. Concerts of music bends Kiki Lesendric & Piloti and Tropico Bend on the 29th of December

Children’s New Year, 16th Dec 2016 – 30th Dec 2016. 
Belgrade Fair hosts free events for children: theatre plays, music program and entertainment.

Santa Claus Race, 25th Dec 2016.
More than 3.000 little Santa Causes will run the Street of King Milan making the holiday atmosphere interesting and exciting. The event also includes music program.

New Year Celebration 2017 / In front of the National Parliament Building / 30th and 31st Dec 2016.

30th Dec: Goran Bregovic and “Bijelo dugme” and Aca Lukas
31st Dec: “Bajaga & Instruktori” and “Plavi Orkestar”

Street of Open Heart, 1st Jan 2017.

Traditional event dedicated to children in Svetogorska Street

Orthodox Christmas – Square of Open Heart, 7th Jan 2017

Orthodox New Year Celebration, 13th Jan 2017. 

Program in front of the Old Court

Final event / End of the Belgrade Winter Festival 1st Feb 2017. 

51st Bitef Epic Trip
51st Bitef Epic Trip

51st Bitef, bearing the slogan Epic Trip, will be held in the period between 22nd and 30th September at various venues in Belgrade. In its main programme, we will have an opportunity to see the performances from Belgium, Great Britain, Slovenia, Iran, Germany, Switzerland and Serbia. The main thematic stream is outlined by the productions based on great epic topics, defining for our civilization, while the aesthetic one is created through durational performances. The performance Mount Olympus: to Glorify the Cult of Tragedy – a 24h-Performance, by the renowned Belgic director Jan Fabre,...


The New Year´s Fair, event of fun and good shopping, is traditionally organized at the end of each year by the Belgrade fair, and this year´s, 55th, will be held from 18th till 30th December under a new name – Winter Fun Fest! Winter Fun Fest represents the introduction to the New Year´s festive spirit and celebration, which was attended by more than 60.000 people last year. This year, a visit of more than 200.000 people is expected, due to the new concept of FREE ENTRY during the whole duration of the festival. This event, usually aimed at the youngest...

The opening of the summer season in the Wagon Viktoria
The opening of the summer season in the Wagon Viktoria

On Saturday 04.07. starting at 19.30h wish is to get together and have a good time! Given that we have recently made major changes in the "wagon" ... ... new people, new menu, new summer bar, the new refreshed environment, we decided that a cheerful summer events to celebrate with our loyal guests and new enthusiasm and energy keep going! The program includes a live performance of the band "Dancing Waves" free meal tapas and delicious snacks promo price of beer, wine by the glass and cocktails (from 200 to 250 din)! Due to high demand, we invite you to reserve your seats - mail, phone or in...