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As part of the ongoing cultural entertainment program “Summer at Kosancic”, the Tourist Organization of Belgrade continues to organise free tours of Kosancicev venac, one of the oldest parts of Belgrade.

This Saturday, starting at 18:00, visitors will get an opportunity to visit numerous sights, cultural monuments and other places of importance to our history and culture, which are located in the area of this historical area: Princess Ljubica’s Residence, The Cathedral Church of St. Michael the Archangel, the oldest tavern in Belgrade, Mika Alas’s House, Olja Ivanjicki’s House, the location where the former library stood and many other sights, all guided by a professional tourist guide. 
There will be talk of the place where the “The Marathon Family”, a renowned movie that made an indelible mark on Serbian cinematography, was filmed. The gathering for the tour will be at the corner of the King Peter street and Kosancicev venac. Apply via email at

All this will be followed by a musical program starting at 19:00, performed by the duo "Mushkalica" consisting of Zoran Antic and Nenad Ljubenović on guitar and accordion. More on the artists at:

This summer, the Tourist Organization of Belgrade will make sure that Kosancicev venac stands out as an authentic urban core, one which contains all the necessary elements to become one of the most appealing areas in Belgrade. During July and August Kosancicev venac will host such events as the “design market”, themed musical evenings, young talent concerts, as well as art exhibits and other various cultural, musical and entertainment programs.

Kosancicev venac
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30.06.2018 18:00
Musicology Festival 2015 - Gregory Porter
Musicology Festival 2015 - Gregory Porter

Thursday 23/7 9pm Duško Gojković and Belgrade Summit Octet Trumpeter, composer, arranger and bandleader, Duško Gojković - a true legend, not only of Serbian and Yugoslavian jazz, but certainly one the most successful, best known and most recognized musicians from the Balkans, with his band "Belgrade Summit Octet," will open the second edition of the Musicology festival. Dusko Gojkovic, a pioneer of the Balkan - jazz fusion, continues to be in top form as a performer as well as an author, even though having turned 84. His international career has continued for nearly six...

51st Bitef Epic Trip
51st Bitef Epic Trip

51st Bitef, bearing the slogan Epic Trip, will be held in the period between 22nd and 30th September at various venues in Belgrade. In its main programme, we will have an opportunity to see the performances from Belgium, Great Britain, Slovenia, Iran, Germany, Switzerland and Serbia. The main thematic stream is outlined by the productions based on great epic topics, defining for our civilization, while the aesthetic one is created through durational performances. The performance Mount Olympus: to Glorify the Cult of Tragedy – a 24h-Performance, by the renowned Belgic director Jan Fabre,...

31st Belgrade Jazz Festival Starts Soon
31st Belgrade Jazz Festival Starts Soon

One of the most famous music manifestations in the city Belgrade Jazz Festival takes place from the 28th of October to the 1st of November at Dom Omladine Beograd.  31st Belgrade Jazz Festival will be 17 million, five million dinars more than last year, which shows that this festival deserves the support of both city and state, and that each year will be better and better, said today the city manager Goran Vesic after the session Organizing Committee of the festival. “At the board meeting, we noted with pride that we have sold 150 sets of tickets in advance, and so far the record...