19. Feb 2020.

During the late 70s' brothers André and Nicolas Reyes, sons of acknowledged flamenco artist Josea Reyes, initiated the group Gipsy Kings and very fast became highly appreciated and worldwide wanted musicians. This franchise group has members that are Spanish heritage, so they sing in the Spanish language. Their music combines traditional flamenco, pop, and other similar music directions such is Catalonian rumba. "Gipsy Kings "had announced in 1989. The album that has the same name and the mentioned album was for 40 weeks on top lists, which brought them massive popularity all over Europe, the USA, and the Middle East. In the peak of their glory, Gipsy Kings separated on two separated fractions – group Nicolas Reyes and André Reyes. André Reyes and his ten-member band continue his career performing the greatest hits from the Gipsy Kings music catalog, and they will also play in Sava Centar in Belgrade on February 19. 

Founder of the group, André Reyes, as the lead guitar player and the singer joined well-known musicians such are Mario Reyes and Chico Castillo, so together they create the music that makes everyone get on their feet. On the current tour "Gipsy Kings by André Reyes " they are keeping the audience all over the world amazed by their "Tour Gipsy Unidos "repertoire. They will make everyone dance with famous hits such are BamboleoVolareLa Dona, etcWith more than 60 million world widely sold records, thanks to his solo career, as well as in a band, André Reyes is today one of the most popular and most appreciated representatives of the flamenco rumba.