10. Mar 2020.

This March Belgrade will become the world capital of the guitar and music world through Guitar Art Festival. During six festival days, from 10th to 15th March, 13 big concerts and various featuring programs will be held, and Belgrade will be visited by more than 130 most renowned guitarists from all over the world.

XXI Guitar Art Festival, under the slogan "Rhapsody," implies a new and unusual form of the festival which gathers many various projects, concerts, musicians, and styles from all over the world.

This years’ edition of the festival brings us strong emotions linked to the music program and for the future growth of the festival as well. A new third era of the Guitar Art Festival begins and brings many innovations. Festival proudly announces the first festival Team building in the region, which will be held from 10th to 12th March in Kombank Dvorana. Guitar Art is building a bridge that strategically connects culture and business.

The forthcoming festival edition will represent the music rhapsody, where major concerts will be held again in Belgrade’s Kombank Hall. Classical music will be performed in the atrium of the National Museum, and the world premiere of guitar and symphony orchestra concert will be held in the great hall of Kolarac Endowment.