22. Feb 2020.

The play ”Hair”, created by the famous Broadway musical and cult film by Milos Forman, performed by actors of the Youth Theater and the Novi Sad Theater, as well as students of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, will premiere on February 22 at Kombank Hall.

The play, which was first performed in December 2019 at the Novi Sad Youth Theater, directed by Hungarian director Peter Telihali, represents a powerful and emotional story of young people seeking change and freedom.

The Belgrade audience will have the opportunity to see the Kombank Hall scene overflowing with actors who, in authentic costumes and with the scenery of the time, will faithfully evoke the era of hippie culture in which the entire KOSA project was created.

The play will be choreographed by Gerzon Peter Kovac, and a large number of actors on stage will be accompanied live by an orchestra led by David Klemm.