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Belgrade presented in Abu Dhabi

Belgrade presented in Abu Dhabi

Tourist potentials, offers, beauties and sights of Serbia’s capital city have been presented to the tourist workers from the United Arab Emirates. Representatives of the City of Belgrade and National Tourism Organization of Serbia have presented Belgrade with number of meetings, projection of movies about the Danube and performance of the KUD Lola.

Serbia’s capital city is an interesting destination to many tourists who come from the United Arab Emirates. Besides Belgrade, hunting tourism, buying a property near rivers but also investing in the manufacturing industry are the things that catch the attention of this country’s residents.

„With two flights per day from Abu Dabhi towards Belgrade and four times a week from Dubai, with no visa needed, Belgrade with its environment represents very attractive destination with a lot to offer throughout the year“, it was said in the press release.

Visitors from that part of the world are known for travelling with a lot of family members and also for owning a very high purchasing power so they are considered the most important visitors wherever they show up.

„The fact that they spend 80 euros per person/per day speaks for itself. They are also the nature lovers, and by that the entire Belgrade environment becomes a very interesting for daily trips of 120 km farthest“, said Tijana Maljković, the city Secretary for Economy.

On this occasion, there was a word about „Belgrade Waterfront“, as well as coming of the large number of Arab journalists in order to promote Serbia and Belgrade. The collaboration between the two countries was also agreed.