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Growth of tourism arrivals in serbian capital continues

Growth of tourism arrivals in serbian capital continues

According to the latest statistics, growth of tourism arrivals in Belgrade continues in the summer months 2015.

In July Belgrade had 63.214 international tourists which is 12% more comparing to the same month last year. Number of beddings is increased by 22%.

In the first seven months total of 348.851 foreign and domestic guests have visited Belgrade so far, making an increase by 12%. Total number of beddings is 16% higher than in 2014.

The most significant growth is given by tourists from Turkey – 82%. Other European countries also show higher percentage: France – 21%, Sweden – 21%, Germany – 13%, Romania – 13%, Poland – 7%.

Tourists from the neighboring countries are among TOP visitors in Belgrade from the beginning of the year.

Increase in the number of arrivals from far destinations / USA, Australia, China and other Asian countries is due to more popular Balkan tours.

Continued growth of both tourism arrivals and beddings is a result of intense promotional activities on international markets. Number of published articles and broadcasted TV shows about Belgrade in the renowned international media influenced the popularity of Serbian capital as a European tourist destination.

According to the statistics, rich and diverse event calendar highly contributes the growth of number of visitors in Belgrade especially during the events.