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In February, more foreign tourists and overnight stays

In February, more foreign tourists and overnight stays

According to the latest data of the Secretariat for Administration / Department statistics, Belgrade in February visited by 35% more foreign tourists than in the same month last year, while overnight stays were 34% more.

Of the total number of tourists in February (52.385) 41.391 foreign guests and domestic 10.994. The total number of nights in this month is 115,157, of which 85,757 were made by foreign and 29,400 domestic tourists.

Since the beginning of 2016, is recorded very good results both in the number of foreign guests and overnight stays, but out of a total 95,382 tourists in January and February month, 75,551 were foreign (up 30%), and a total of 225,826 overnight stays were 170,971 realized foreign guests (up 34%).

The most numerous visitors from the Croatian, BiH, Greece, Slovenia, Turkey, then in Montenegro, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Italy, Germany. Romania, Great Britain.