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Results of tourist season 2014

Results of tourist season 2014

According to the latest statistics 716.534 travelers have visited Belgrade in 2014 which is an increase in international tourism arrivals by 14% and 12% of total arrivals.

Total number of bedings is 1.498.133 which is an increse by 6%.

TOP 5 in 2014 are visitors from Croatia (increase by 20%), Germany (increase by 6%), Slovenia (decrease by 8%), Turkey (increase by 53%) and Bosnia & Heryegovina (increase by 7%).

The higest growth in statistical data is given in tourism arrivals from Israel (increase by 143%), China (61%), Portugal (by 34%) and Poland (by 33%).

In addition to the statistical data, International Port Sava Marine marks record season with 64.468 passangers on river cruises, which contributes to positioning Belgrade as the destination on the Danube. TOP travelers are from Germany, United States, United Kingdom, France and Austria.