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Sightseeing - " BELGRADE YOUR HOST "

Sightseeing -

On the occasion of the beginning of the eighth season panorama of the city from the open bus BS Tours, Friday , April 1, will be organized as part of a promotional drive that will be granted 40 free tickets for our fellow citizens .

The tour starts at 11 am , departure from the tourist stop at Nikola Pasic Square , and citizens can apply for a tour of the TOB info center in Knez Mihailova 5, no later than Friday at 9 am .

After the first promotional tours , the regular dates for sightseeing in the 11 and 13 hours every day , according to weather conditions. The term at 17 pm will be subsequently introduced .

The regular tour lasts about 70 minutes and is carried out in Serbian, English , Russian, French and German. Ticket price is 600 dinars for adults and 450 dinars for children up to 12 years, and can be purchased in the TOB info center in Knez Mihailova 5, in the office BS Tours, Savski Trg 1a , as well as on the bus before the start of sightseeing.