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Something Abuzz about Belgrade

Something Abuzz about Belgrade

Belgrade. It’s an old city with a new vibe, and as we discovered during a whirlwind two days there, it is abuzz with creative energy, innovation, and tradition.

In one corner of town a woman wearing a babushka-style scarf sells lavender, white and cranberry-colored flowers at a market, alongside vendors peddling a bounty of cherries, strawberries, and green peppers. Just around the corner, in the up and coming Savamala district, young entrepreneurs mingle in an industrial-building-turned-cultural center that could just as likely be in San Francisco or Berlin. And, in the city’s sixth-century fortress, old men cluster around a park table, playing a heated match of chess, while a young couple embraces on a bench overlooking the city’s skyline.

This is how USA journalist Tricia Mitchell begins her story about Belgrade on her travel website. She highlights places and impressions during her visit to Serbian capital: Saint Petka Church at the Belgrade Fortress, Saint Sava Temple, picturesque Savamala, colorful ambience and cuisine of Lorenzo&Kakalamba restaurant. The journalist has also visited the Museum of Nikola Tesla, Museum of Yugoslav History, Mikser House, Skadarlija, and besides an article published a video about Belgrade.

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