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Spanish EL PAIS and VOZ POPULI about Belgrade

Spanish EL PAIS and VOZ POPULI about Belgrade

Prestigious Spanish magazines El País and Voz Populi have published two articles about Belgrade recommending our Capital as the TOP travel destination in Europe.


El País:

A walk on the banks of the Danube / Marcha a orillas del Danubio

The embankment under which the rivers Sava and Danube meet - not to say East and West - is a grandiose, epic location. The truth is that Belgrade is different, unique, made up more by smells and sensations than by remains. As old as any in Europe - Celts, Romans, Slavs, Ottomans, Austro-Hungarians have all passed through here as clouds..

In the article, journalist Carlos Pascualguides the readers along his route during the recent visit to Belgrade, and recommends Belgrade Fortress, centar of the city, Knez Mihailova Street, Skadarlija, Savamala, Zemun..

Kalemegdan is the fortress that guards the meeting of the two rivers, and is a kind of open-air museum of the city. The National Library marks the beginning of the most famous pedestrian street, Knez Mihailova. Everybody strolls down its length, the best buildings of the imperial court, designer shops, cafés and fashionable terraces

Along with the tourist program “Coffe at the Princess Ljubica’s” journalist recommends Belgrade festivals, events and museums, especially Museum of Nikola Tesla, Museum of Ivo Andric and Museum of Yugoslav History. Belgrade kafanas are here described as unique institutions:

Lunch gives us an opportunity to discover a 16th century institution: the kafanas. They are bistros or taverns (in the Greek sense) where guests are accommodated on stools around low tables and eat typical dishes. The national drink, rakia, a distillate which varies according to the fruit in season, is always a precursor to the meal.

Describing the atmosphere and energy in Belgrade, Carlos says: „Nobody talks about the recent past, only about the future, about how to transform this historic crossroads into a focal spot for new trends, design, culture, festivals. And also fun: it is striking that among the top party places (the best places in the world to party) chosen by Lonely Planet, Belgrade is in number one position.

A quote of the famous Serb Dusko Radovic finishes the article: "Whoever has the luck of waking up one morning in Belgrade, already has enough [luck]. If you insist on doing something more, you would be guilty of insolence".

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Voz Populi:

Belgrade, the most lively city in Europe / Belgrade, the most lively city in Europe

With music, design and visual art festivals, a provocative halo and an eagerness to have fun make this metropolis into a sort of Balkan Ibiza, which shows its face to the world, devoid of complexes and full of nocturnal energy and lightness

Another article about the Serbian Capital is written by Noelia Ferreiro for the Voz Populi. She says: „Loud, gray, delightfully disheveled, Belgrade is a unique city. Not as beautiful or dazzling as other European capitals, but with a personality that captures you from the first minute of your visit

As the “icons” of Belgrade, Noelia highlights Belgrade rivers, Kalemegdan Park, “legendary” Fortress, Republic Square, the National Museum and the National Theatre, as well as the Temple of Saint Sava, the largest Orthodox Church in Europe.

In the centre, Skadarlija, the Bohemian quarter of kafanas or old taverns that preserve the aesthetics of the 19th century, competes with Savamala, on the banks of the Sava

Noelia is impressed by the lively ambience of Belgrade Rivers which she compares to Barcelona, and the Belgrade Waterfront. She also mentions Ada Ciganlija, ranking it as one of “the most attractive corners in the city.”

Belgrade is the city that never sleeps. Dinner is always accompanied by live music, shops that are open 24/7 seven days a week, and a juicy list of clubs for all tastes: from jazz to techno via the genuinely Serbian turbofolk. If to this we add that admission is free and the drinks are very cheap... What more could you ask for”  

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