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Survey - guests satisfaction in hotels in Serbia

Survey - guests satisfaction in hotels in Serbia

Business association of hotel and catering industry - HORES have started the implementation of project IMHOS (Integrated Network Hotels Serbia) at the end of June 2015. which investigates the level of guest satisfaction depending on the quality of services in hotels in Serbia.

Questionnaires can be found at the reception of hotels and they include questions about the quality of provided services, as well as about the destination

In Belgrade, many hotels have joined to participate the project: Zira, Slavija Garni, Majestic, Royal Lux, Majdan, Astoria, Mr. President, Compass, Crystal, Šumadija, Lazar Lux, Nevski, Excelsior, Zlatnik, Park, Falkensteiner, Moscow, Belgrade City Hotel.

Tourist Organization of Belgrade invites hotels in Belgrade to join this project and thus contribute to the more precise results of research and future development of hospitality and tourism offer.

IMHOS project is partly financed by the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of the Republic of Serbia, while Tourist Organization of Serbia, Belgrade Tourist Organization and local tourism organizations supported the project.

The project runs until the end of October.

Contact : 011 264 23 41

Project Manager IMHOS , Vladimir Lekovic 062-872-10-69