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The first field of MONOPOLY BOARD FOR SERBIA revealed!

The first field of MONOPOLY BOARD FOR SERBIA revealed!

The first field on the Monopoly board Serbia is officially presented field of the hotel Square Nine.

This year Monopoly game celebrates 80 years of existence, and on this occasion the company decided to make a Serbian version of the board, which will be available from November.

Voting for the fields that will be next to the hotel Square Nine across the board will be opened the next two weeks.

Peter Griffin, director for Europe, Middle East and Africa of the company that manufactures Winning Moves Monopoly, announced that SQUARE NINE HOTEL deserved this prestigious award, in the form of one’s own fields on the board. "SQUARE NINE is the only current known field, in the most expensive section of the game, and for the official disclosure of the other 22 fields will be waiting to November," said Griffin in his speech.

At the event at Square Nine, Mr. Monopoly himself discovered the first field, while the rest are kept a secret.