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The Storeroom Opens Is Presented!

The Storeroom Opens Is Presented!

Belgrade, July 12, 2016: Beginning the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Museum of Yugoslav History, the visitors was presented with the project The Storeroom Opens! – the first phase of work on the new permanent exhibition in the Old Museum. That work will develop in three phases (Creating the Open Storeroom, Laboratory of the Museum of Yugoslav History, and Yugoslavia in 100 Objects).  

We begin creating the future permanent exhibition with an experiment that is halfway between a storeroom and an exhibition. Most of the fund, counting more than 75 000 items, will be presented as it is kept in the Museum storeroom. During the work on the exhibition, the visitors will be able to see all phases of the project, the completion of which is planned for 2018, as well as celebrating of 100 years since the formation of the first joint state of South Slavs, said Neda Knežević, Director of the Museum of Yugoslav History.

Side by side, two collections are presented – one is of the Museum of the Revolution of Yugoslav Nations and Ethnic Minorities and the other is of the Memorial Centre Josip Broz Tito. With their merging in 1996, the fund of the Museum of Yugoslav History was created. Starting with the fund as the main resource that reflects diversity and complexity of Yugoslav heritage, it will be further reviewed and studied together with experts, scientists, artists and various communities.

The permanent exhibition will be located in the Old Museum – the place where they used to keep the gifts received by Tito in his many meetings with statesmen and other domestic and foreign officials, as well as those sent and delivered by Yugoslav representatives of various organizations, local communities, associations and work collectives. After the death of Josip Broz, this place was adapted into an exhibition area. Playing with different purposes of this area, the fund will be reviewed in the context of Yugoslav heritage and it will be further exposed to the public.