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According to the Spanish newspaper Expansion, Belgrade became a very popular destination, and a capital with the most tourists in Eastern Europe. “Belgrade...


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19.05.2012 - | Ausstellungen | Belgrade |

Museums Night

Tourist Organization of Belgrade

The popular Museum Night will be held on May the 19th from 18:00 to 02:00 in more than 200 museums, galleries and exhibition spaces in 65 towns in Serbia, and as always, the program will offer the most numerous cultural experiences in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

In Belgrade, the ninth Museum Night has planned more than 100 events at 67 locations,  Novi Sad will hold events in 50 places around the city.

Museums, galleries and other exhibition spaces are opened to the public in ways they have never been before. Unique and interesting events, performances, concerts, fashion shows and thematic exhibitions, along with permanent museums exhibitions take place in just one night, offering an occasion that should not to be missed.

This year, other 55 Serbian cities are going to participate in this manifestation. For the first time the event will include Apatin, Gornji Milanovac, Irig, Paracin and Lepenski vir.

The richest program will be in Belgrade, where 67 locations will host more than 100 programs.  Apart from the unusual opening times at the standard museums such as Konak of Kneginja Ljubica, Art Museum, Natural Museum, Jewish Historical Museum etc, there are some exhibitions open just for this night, Museum night. One institution opening its doors for the first time to visitors is the National Library of Serbia.  

Last year, about 280,000 people visited Belgrade’s museums and galleries on May 14th during the 8th annual Museum Night in Belgrade.