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25.11.2014 | Belgrade
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Song of the day: Petula Clark – Downtown

It’s always exciting to discover less known, exotic and authentic parts of a place you’re visiting. But let’s not underestimate the power of the mainstream! When you’re in Belgrade, you should not avoid Belgrade centre that offers sweet harmonies of popular city beats. Start from Trg Republike (Square of the Republic). This square is the epicentre of the city, surrounded by National Theatre and National Museum, and it is best known for the statue of Knez Mihailo (Prince Mihailo) on its horse, which is often the meeting place of both locals and tourists. Then take a stroll down Knez Mihailova street, pedestrian area that unifies the beautiful architecture that sounds like a pleasant classical piano tune, shops that invite shopaholics with the famous pop hits and numerous coffee shops you’ll sit in when you get tired of buzzing around city centre, to enjoy your coffee with the coffee lounge music in the background.

When you explore all parts of Knez Mihailova street, head toward Terazije, a short street that connects Knez Mihailova and Kralja Milana street (King Milan Street). Stop at famous Terazijska česma, drinking fountain in front of the Hotel Moskva, take a sip and make a break on Terazijska terasa (Terazije Terrace), which is a great lookout point to the Sava river valley.

We’ll get back to the sound of rivers later, but now it’s time for you to move on along King Milan street and visit Andrićev venac – short paved promenade named after Nobel laureate in literature, Ivo Andrić. This area is surrounded by the Presidency of Serbia, Novi Dvor (New Court), but it nevertheless has the artistic character as several galleries and bookstores are located on its eastern side. Novi Dvor was a court of the king Peter I Karađorđević and it is separated by a lawn from the old court, Stari Dvor (now a City Hall), used by previous rulers, Obrenović dynasty.

When you’re done listening to the echoing sounds of the past, take a walk through the Pionirski park (Pioneer Park) and enjoy the beauty of the building of the National Assembly of Serbia, stressed by the sculptures of famous sculptor, Toma Rosandić, in front of it. Finish your mainstream tour on Nikola Pašić square, where you can enjoy the sound of the fountains, humming a catchy pop song that stuck in your ears during your ‘top of the pops walk.’

Insider tip: When strolling along Knez Mihailova, make a turn toward Kosančićev venac, the oldest section of Belgrade outside Belgrade fortress. You’ll be delighted with the elbow-shaped street where Countess Ljubica’s Residence, Patriarchal See of the Serbian Orthodox Church and Cathedral Church of St. Michael the Archangel will make your heart skip a beat with its graceful beauty.