30.09.2014 | Belgrade
Belgrade is featured in the October issue of the renowned French French magazine Avantages by the journalist Sophie Massalovitch who has visited Belgrade...


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Tourist Organization of Belgrade

Skadarlija, the old Bohemian quarter of Belgrade grew up at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century when the cafés were frequented by the leading lights of Belgrade cultural life. It is most frequently compared to the Paris quarter of Montmartre, both because of its appearance and its happy, ebullient, creative atmosphere. 

This part of the city was formed in the first half of the 19th century, and in1872 Skadarska street was first given its name, at the same time as the houses were given numbers. Many famous writer, actors, painters and journalists once lived in Skadarlija. Skadarlija took on its Bohemian appearance from 1901 onwards, when following the demolition of the famous Dardaneli inn, the regulars relocated to the inns in Skadarlija. Many local and foreign personalities "spent their best days here - by night."

The famous Serbian poet and painterĐura Jakšić lived and died inSkadarlija. His house was converted into a meeting point for poets from the "Skadarlija Soirées" ("Skadarlijske večeri"). Today you will find in Skadarlija, which is now a leading Belgrade tourist attraction, the famous restaurants of Tri Šešira, Ima dana, Dva jelena, Skadarlija, Zlatni bokal and Dva bela goluba, as well as galleries, antique shops and souvenir stalls. 

This unique corner of Belgrade, whose redevelopment was begun in 1968, was planned and designed by the well-known Belgrade architect Uglješa Bogunović.