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Cevap at Deki
Cevap at Deki

We believe that grill is not necessarilyfast food, but one of the best and healthiest ways to prepare meat, which taste of our specialties, as well as numerous guests who come for years, can confess to.

“Cevap at Deki’’ is made out of the 100% highest quality beef meat, prepared by the authentic recipe, exclusively on beech charcoal revealing the joy of a unique culinary experience.  

You will have great difficulties to resist our burger, calf liver, sausage, steak, veal in salty cream, because each of our specialties has a unique power to persuade you to taste it.  

And just when you think of something sweet, you will see the irresistible baklava, tufahijas and plum dumplings that look in your direction, so feel free to shoot back one sweet companionship.  

In short, you will experience a place that is a serious restaurant, yet chill and casual, free from all unnecessary and burdensome elements, that works like a brisk crossroads and sometimes a stop point for people living the life "from the stomach" providing that special feeling of returning to childhood and everything that used to be good.  

So feel free to come over or let us come to your place, because we are only one phone call away ...

Strahinjica bana 71

+ 381 64 0000 505
Distance from center
0.0 km
Distance from airport
17.0 km
Wi-Fi, Delivery, Air condition, Catering, Wi-Fi, Take Away, Smoking area,
Restaurant Byblos
Restaurant Byblos

Belgrade has its own European and World football champion…It has nightclubs and bars  where legends like De NIro and Nicholson were having fun, it is a city where Sofia Loren spent more time than on  The Spanish Steps, and from which the entire generation of Manchester United went into legend… That kind of energy and glamour marked one great period of our capital. Then, Belgrade had its gloomy years of empty store shelves, empty streets…people were leaving it, some new people were coming into it…and we were gently caring about its soul and charm, waiting...

Cafe Supermarket Concept Store
Cafe Supermarket Concept Store

Nearly a decade ago it was just an idea, which is nowadays familiar to large number of Belgradians. You can describe Supermarket Concept Store as vague, and this would be the most rewarding label for what it stands for - a place for everyone, place where you go for a shopping, to catch some ideas, but as well - for delicious food and quality drink. This design-savvy concept store was opened in 2008 in the premises of former shop from socialist era, where the old Belgrade meets the modern. You can find here curated selection of coffee, gifts, wearables, and design trinkets from over 100...