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Kovač Restaurant
Kovač Restaurant

This is not merely a restaurant where you can have genuine Serbian cuisine at any time of day or night, this is Smithies where you can beat the daily routine and be welcomed and waited by proper Serbian way.At this site, the story goes, there once stood a roadside tavern. Travelers journeying along the road hundreds of years ago used to drop in for refreshments and snacks after a long trip. They would tell their stories, and as the legend goes, they would spend from morning till down there.

The building that host modern ethno style restaurant was built in 1932. The restaurant was named Kovac (Blacksmith or Smithies) because of the legend say there was one next door working for masters relaxing and storytelling in tavern. Also, because of the old belief that every blacksmith is also a sorcerer, capable of defeating the devil by identifying with him and fooling him at the end. There is also a popular saying that each man forges his own fortune.In autumn of 2005 Kovac was fully renovated and adjusted to cater to what people expect to find in a good restaurant and more.The restaurant specialises in traditional Serbian dishes, barbeque and roast under wrought iron plates and similarities in international cuisine with dishes in an environment redolent of bygone times. Drinks include Serbian brandy rakija with wide choice of flavours and makes, forest and other indigenous fruits to wines from most appreciated wine-growing regions in the world as well as cocktails served in most elite London bars. At its heart Kovac is Serbian get-together place where guest comes to find company while having coffee and breakfast in the morning , or lunch after noon, and to digest their love, business impressions and town gossip-and in the evening to spend time listening to live music in relaxed club atmosphere. Thematic nights guarantee to please every affinity. 


Smithies where you beat the daily routine & get welcomed the proper Serbian way.

Bulevar Oslobodjenja 221, Vozdovac
+381 (0)11 246 23 43
+381 (0)63 415 215
Opening Hours

Monday-restaurant is closed

Tuesday-Friday: 12-01

 Saturday: 12-01

 Sunday: 12-01

Distance from center
7.0 km
Distance from airport
21.7 km


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