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Cafe Supermarket Concept Store
Cafe Supermarket Concept Store

Nearly a decade ago it was just an idea, which is nowadays familiar to large number of Belgradians. You can describe Supermarket Concept Store as vague, and this would be the most rewarding label for what it stands for - a place for everyone, place where you go for a shopping, to catch some ideas, but as well - for delicious food and quality drink. This design-savvy concept store was opened in 2008 in the premises of former shop from socialist era, where the old Belgrade meets the modern. You can find here curated selection of coffee, gifts, wearables, and design trinkets from over 100 domestic and international brands.

As time has passed, little by little, Supermarket Concept Store became a brand for itself. Spreading its wings, Supermarket established subsidiaries in two other parts of Belgrade, as well as one in Montenegrin luxury marina Porto Montenegro and one in Berlin!

Fine dining is what you will find from start to finish at Supermarket Concept Store. industrially-inspired and tastefully decorated restaurant boasts excellent service and even better food from all continents.

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Uzun Mirkova 8
+381 11 4081368
Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday: 08:00 – 22:00

Sunday: 12:00 – 20:00

Distance from center
0.5 km
Distance from airport
19.0 km
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