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Vagon Victoria Gastro Station
Vagon Victoria Gastro Station

Restaurant Vagon Victoria Gastro Station is the most famous gastronomic train landed at the station between the New Belgrade blocks that are waiting for new travelers to embark on the most beautiful gastronomic travel through the world. In the pleasant ambience of the restaurant you can enjoy the most beautiful specialties of modern Serbian, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. It is located at the address of Bulevar Zorana Djindjica 44a, and the working hours are from eight to one hours after midnight.


In accordance with its name, the interior of the restaurant retained the look of the wagon with stylish furniture, retro wallpapers and rustic lamps. The entire space is enriched by a beautiful wooden bar that stands out with the beauty of the sculpture. During the sunny days, all guests can enjoy a spacious garden that guarantees a true break in the urban environment.

The Vagon Victoria Gastro Station is the right place for anyone who wants to enjoy top-quality specialties, whether breakfast, lunch or dinner. The chief engineer in gastronomic driving through different tastes is Igor Pejatovic, the chef who creates top specialties for all guests by combining the finest tastes of local and international cuisine.


Starting from the fact that breakfast is the most important meal during the day, the restaurant has prepared a varied offer: a sweet breakfast, a healthy breakfast and sandwiches. If you enjoy combining flavors yourself, the hops are saved according to your wishes, with the addition of hazelnuts, pancetta, feta cheese, mozzarella, cheese, tomato, ajvar, sour cream or yoghurt. Every day at breakfast until 11.30, coffee is FREE!

Vagon Victoria Gastro Station is a wine cellar restaurant, where you can find a wide selection of wines from all parts of the world, as well as Serbia and its surroundings. We also offer beer to be refilled: Carlsberg, Lav, Erdinger, as well as the quality side of the beverage. For the end we left the sweetest desserts: Toblerone mus, Belgian choco cake, as well as various kinds of pancakes, ice cream and fruits.

Victoria catering is part of the business they are also proud of, as they are ready to prepare a service for all important events no matter how big or small they are.

Restaurant Vagon Victoria Gastro Station organizes all types of private and business celebrations of up to 100 people. Relax with your friends from company or colleagues, with superb specialties, wonderful ambience and excellent service.


Bulevar Zorana Djindjica 44a
Distance from center
0.0 km
Distance from airport
0.0 km
Wi-Fi, Delivery, Air condition, Parking, Live music, Non-smoking area, Smoking area,
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