30.09.2014 | Belgrade
Belgrade is featured in the October issue of the renowned French French magazine Avantages by the journalist Sophie Massalovitch who has visited Belgrade...


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The official language of Serbia is Serbian, member of the group of south Slavic languages.

The Cyrillic script is in official use, while the Latin script is also widely used, since both are taught in schools. The Cyrillic of Serbian has 30 letters – one letter per each phoneme, making it unique among scripts.

The language and scripts of national minorities are in official use in areas with minority populations. Foreigners are recommended to use English for communication, while German, French and Russian are present to a lesser extent. Those curious and hungry for new discoveries might wish to try and decipher the undeciphered symbols found on the ceramic objects at the Vinča archaeological site, 13 km from the centre of Belgrade. The Vincian script (or property marks) arose 7,500 years ago, bearing witness to literacy during the Neolithic age and remaining a mystery to this day.