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21.10.2014 | Belgrade
According to the Spanish newspaper Expansion, Belgrade became a very popular destination, and a capital with the most tourists in Eastern Europe. “Belgrade...


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14.12.2013 | until: 12.01.2014 | Other | Belgrade |

Belgrade Winter Break

Christmas and New Year Holidays in Belgrade

Spend Christmas and New Year holidays in Belgrade, and have a unique New Year’s Eve experience in our Capital. We offer a selection of events from Belgrade’s rich event calendar:

The New Year celebration usually starts in one of the Belgrade cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs and lasts till the early morning hours. In Belgrade party continues tomorrow when you should take a stroll to Svetogorska Street which in this occasion turns into the Open Heart Street. On this day, the 1st of January, in a carnival atmosphere adults drink boiled wine and rakija, congratulating New Year to each other, while children enjoy the numerous entertainment programs.

On 7th of January, citizens celebrate an Orthodox Christmas. On this day, you should visit one of the Orthodox temples, where the tradition of celebrating this religious holiday has not changed for centuries: the Temple of St. Sava ( on the Vračar Plateau, Church of Saint Marko or the Church of the Ascension, known for one of the best church choirs in Serbia.

If you want to experience the Serbian New Year in Belgrade, on January 13th you need to make a reservation at one of the inns or cafes.  A visit to Skadarlija should be mandatory on this occasion. Skadarska Street is cobbled in stone, with inns in small houses, most of them originating from the 19th century, traditional cuisine, live music and an atmosphere to remember.

As Belgrade in the summer is known for the scent of linden-trees spreading across the city, the winter here smells of hot pastries. During the earliest morning you can witness the gathering of the early risers, waiting to buy hot pastries in the numerous pastry shops in the city.

On January 19th, on the Orthodox holiday Epiphany, the dive for the icy Epiphany cross is organized on Ada Ciganlija. Despite January being the coldest month of the year, this event always attracts a large number of competitors, and spectators.

In Belgrade you can enjoy ice skating in the winter, in the number of skating rinks out in the open and other recreation centers.

During holidays don’t miss shopping in Belgrade shopping centers where New Year sales offer good discounts. You should also visit some of Belgrade galleries, enjoy in theaters and exhibitions, or attend some of the numerous traditional events in Belgrade.


Square of Open Heart
„Square of Open Heart“ is a special setting of numerous wooden houses on the Republic Square, with traditional New Year products – coffee, cookies, hot chocolate, boiled wine, tea, sweets.. Working hours are from 10 to 23h, every day except New Year day when everything will be open till 02am.

On the central stage, entertainment program for children will be held every day during the event with magicians, Santa Claus, children theatre and performances.
14.12.2013. - 12.01.2014. Republic Square 

Belgrade Ice Scene
This winter Belgrade will enrich holiday atmosphere to citizens and guests with free ice-skating on Nikola Pasic Square. Ice Skating will be free of charge, available at 10, 12.30, 15, 17.30 i 20h.

For those who wish to learn ice skating, instructors will be on disposal. Visitors will have the opportunity to attend Hockey games on Wednesdays at 15h, while numerous DJ’s will ensure great music and fun: DJ Konstantin, DJ Vatra, DJ Mirko&Meex, DJ Javorina, DJ Kobazz, DJ Bauk, DJ Ika&Prema...

Open Heart Street
„Open Heart Street“ is an event which became a recognizable brand of Belgrade, which promotes Belgrade generosity and hospitality. Every year on January the 1st, traditional event Open Heart Street takes place in Svetogorska and Makedonska Street, when citizens and guests take a walk outside to congratulate New Year to each other in a carnival atmosphere, with rich and diverse entertainment program, music and fun.

Within the event, a traditional free ride with an open bus will be organized as a gift for Belgrade citizens.
January the 1st, Svetogorska Street

Orthodox Christmass
Orthodox Christmas, the most important day in the Christian world, in Belgrade is traditionally celebrated on January the 7th, according to an old calendar. The celebration starts with a liturgy in the Saint Sava Temple on Vracar Plateau, at midnight, where thousands of people gather to celebrate this day.


31st December – 4th January

Walking tour „Belgrade New Year Lights“
31st December at 17h – English language
1st January at 17h – English language
2nd January 17h – English language
3rd January at 11h in Serbian and 13h in English language 
4th January at 17h in English language

Panoramic sightseeing by Tram|
2nd January at 19h in Serbian and 20h in English language
3rd January at 17h in Serbian and 18h in English language

Open bus sightseeing
12:00 - Lasta Open Top 31. 12. - January 2., 3. and 4.
13:00 - Open Top Bus, BS Tours December 31 - January 4
Departures at the tourist stop at Nikola Pašić Square.

Within “Street of Open Heart” on the 1st of January Lasta offers free sightseeing from Slavija Square to Republic Square with an Open Top bus.





Walk trough Belgrade Fortress
Get to know Belgrade by walking its streets and enjoy in interesting stories of professional tourist guides about architecture and lifestyle of Belgrade. Two hours tour takes you to the center of the city, Belgrade Fortress and the biggest green area – Park Kalemegdan.
Departure is in front of the info center, in Knez Mihailova Street 5, at 11h in Serbian and 13h in English, every Saturday.


Tram called Belgrade 
Sightseeing tour Tram called Belgrade is free of charge. The tour lasts 60 minutes and has limited number of persons – 25|
Friday: 19h in Serbian, and 20h in English
Saturday: 17h in Serbian and 18h in English


Savamala – Creative District
"Savamala – Creative District" program introduces and promotes one of the oldest Belgrade districts. It is being held every Saturday at 12h in Serbian and English language, lasts 2 hours with the starting point in the Mikser House in Karadjordjeva Street 46. Walks include visits to some of the most important buildings, landmarks and monuments of Savamala area such are famous hotel Bristol, Spanish House and other important venues.


At Princess Ljubica’s
Performance is held by the curator of the Museum of the City of Belgrade (Kneza Sime Markovića 8), who offers visitors with coffee and Turkish delights, while introduces the Serbian history dressed in Princess costume.
The program is organizes on Fridays at 17h and Saturdays at 10h, and lasts 1 hour.


Underground Belgrade
Discover the hidden secrets of Belgrade by exploring underground. Underground Belgrade contains tens of caves and caverns, which people carved in limestone rocks, hundreds of underground tunnels built up in last 300 years by the Austrians, Serbs and Germans, countless buried wells, walled rivers, but, above all, structures that are remains of peoples who settled Belgrade.
Tuesdays at 10h, Thursdays at 17:30h, Saturdays at 12h and Sundays at 14h. Meeting point is Gračanička Street 11


Belgrade "Rakija Tour"
If you want to experience an authentic charm of Belgrade and bohemian atmosphere, and learn interesting facts about Serbian national drink, visit Belgrade Rakija Tour. The tour is held every day from 17 to 20h, includes degustation of 5 different types of Rakija and a matching snack!
Contact: Rakia Bar, Rakia Bar, Dobračina Street 5, +381(0)11 3286 119



New Year Eve 2014: With Eyes Wide Shut
Tradition of celebration under Venetian masks continues! Party “With Eyes Wide Shut” gets another dimension and in a form of a carnival offers the biggest edition of this party. Event will be held in KPGT venue (Radnička 3) and will have three music stages with different performers. The concept of this party comes from Stanley Kubrick’s film. Party takes place ninth year in a row and has gained a status of one of the best New Year events in Belgrade.

Big New Year Party in Genex Impuls Hall: DJ Umek
One of the best DJ’s Uros Umek comes to Belgrade after seven years to the “Heineken Lucky Records” party, which will be held at the exclusive venue of Genex Impuls Tower on the New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Eve at club Diva
Great New Year’s Eve entertainment at Diva accompanied by Penthouse band and a special guest, music star Bojana Stamenov.
Information and reservations: 011/220 28 22
Club Diva, Grand Casino

New Year’s Eve at Ginger restaurant
Celebrate New Year’s Eve in an Asian restaurant, with unlimited buffet food consumption, bonus credit for games on slot machines worth 500 RSD and sparkling wine at midnight.
Reservations and information:+381 11 22 02 822
Restaurant Ginger, Grand Casino

New Year Party in Mikser House
In the New Year Eve in Mikser House venue DJs Marko Nastić, Boža Podunavac, Lea Dobričić, Filip and MKDSL will perform in the New Year's Eve.

Mystic Stylez NYE in Cultural Center Grad
Cultural Center Grad in Savamala present DJs from London Blackwax, Chesslo Junior, Pedro 123 together with local DJs.

Theo Parrish on January the 1st in Mikser House
New Year Party continues the night after! One of the most influencing American music producers, legendary DJ Theo Parish performs the first time in Belgrade on January the first in Mikser House venue.
1st January u 22h, Mikser House, Karađorđeva 46



Rakija Fest
The most important national event dedicated to Rakija, traditional Serbian drink will be held on 14th and 15th of December in Mikser House with diverse program.
14. – 15th December, Savamala / Mikser House

Ušće Magic City
In the Magic City visitors will enjoy concerts of Emina Jahović on 21th December and Tanja Jovićević on 12th of January. Children from 7 to 10 years old can discover how New Year is celebrated in tropical places, visit the City of Sweets and take photos with Santa Claus from 22nd Dec to 6th January in the lobby of Ušće Shopping Center.
1st December – 15th January

Woman’s Handball World Championship
Woman’s Handball World Championship will be held in Serbia from 6th to 22nd December. 24 teams will compete in groups before quarters, semifinals and final games.
07. – 22th December, Kombank Arena

Diva sessions - Gabi Novak & Matija Dedić
Diva sessions nights on December 14th will be dedicated to a great lady of the Yugoslav jazz scene, Gabi Novak. She will perform with her son, renowned pianist, Matija Dedic.
Reservations and information: +381 11 220 28 28
Restaurant Diva, Grand Casino

Holiday Season at Diva
Seven days of top entertainment in the last week of December will be marked with great music events. From Tuesday, December 24th until New Year’s Eve special evenings, top DJs, band and vocals wait for you at club Diva.
Tuesday, December 24th-Ana Milenkovic
Wednesday, December 25th and Sunday, December 29th - DJ Funkin’ Blue
Thursday, December 26th and Sunday, December 29th - DJ Saša Radosavljević|
Friday, December 27th – Tetratones
Saturday, December 28th – Nada Pavlovic
Reservations and information: +381 11 220 28 28
Club Diva, Grand Casino

Concert Neverne bebe
Concert in Belgrade is a celebration of two decades of existence of Neverne bebe.
28th December, 20h, Kombank arena

Belgrade Dixieland Orchestra
One of the most recognized bands on a Serbian Jazz scene with exceptional dance spectacle of "The Dixie Dance Show" group.
14th December, 20h, Sava center, restaurant "Sava"

New Year Gala Concert
New Year opera concerts in Sava Center venue have tradition two decades long. This year, on 21st of December, Assembly ''Stanislav Binički'' with Suzana Šuvaković Savić and guests will perform in Great Hall of Sava center. 
21th December, at 20h, Great Hall of Sava Center

"The Nutcracker” ballet spectacle
Ballet spectacle The Nutcracker comes straight from the Sankt Petersburg to Belgrade on 22nd December.
22th December, at 20h, Great Hall in Sava Center

New Year’s Fair

New Year’s Fair is a perfect intro to a New Year celebration with numerous entertainment program and winter sales. New Year Fair is one of the most visited events in Belgrade.
14 – 30th December, Belgrade Fair

"Новогодняя ярмарка"
Festival of Serbian and Russian culture which presents exhibition of decorative and applied art and handcrafts from Russia and Serbia.
20.12. - 07.01. Gallery Progres

Rade Šerbedžija Zapadni Kolodvori
New Year concert of Rade Serbedzija with special guest Vlatko Stefanovski
28th December at 20h, Great Hall in Sava Center

Orthodox New Year – New Year Celebration according to an Old calendar
13th January 2014. Restaurants in Skadarlija

Choir, ballet and orchestra of Russian Army
One of the most famous Russian military assemblies, the renowned Choir, ballet and orchestra of Russian Army will perform on January 17th.
17th January, at 20h, Great Hall in Sava Center

Big New Year Concert "The Great Johann Strauss Gala"
After numerous concert halls around the world, Strauss Festival Orchestra performs in Belgrade
22th January, at 20h, Great Hall in Sava Center


Ušće Shopping Center, Boulevard Mihajla Pupina 4
Delta City, Jurija Gagarina Street 16
Stadion Shopping Centar, Zaplanjska Street 32
Čumić Design District, Čumićevo sokače
Zira Shopping Center, Ruzveltova 33
Immo Center, Gandijeva Street 21, New Belgrade
Delta Nike Outlet, Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra Street 391
Suvenir shop “Etnomreža”, Brankova Street 10
Novi Merkator, Boulevard Umetnosti 4


Ski slope “Aleksandar” – Košutnjak
Alps skiing and snowboarding – Ada CiganlijaRecreational swimming, bowling – “Pinki” Hall, Gradski park 2, Zemun
Shooting range “Novi Beograd”, Španskih boraca Street 71a
Tennis center “ Novak” – Tadeuša Košćuška Street 63a ( 25. Maj)
Paintball Arena No1 (block 44) – Nurheova Street 51
Hala Pionir – Billiard club, Čarlija Čaplina Street


Information and tickets: Tourist Info Center
Knez Mihailova 5 
Monday - Saturday 09-21h, Sunday 10-15h
tel. +381 11 2635-622 i 2635-343