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25.11.2014 | Belgrade
Tourist Organization of Belgrade
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24.03.2012 20:00h | Concert | Sava Centar |

Dom za vešanje


Tourist Organization of Belgrade

"Dom za vešanje" is the cult story of a Roma people, story that has drawn world attention on trafficking of Roma children, a theme that had previously been unclear for many European countries. Film "Dom za vešanje" is considered one of the best movies and stories directed by Emir Kusturica.
Speaking of Opera, we can say that it is the right musical masterpiece staged and directed by Emir Kusturica, the opera and theater venues. And with a libretto by the composer Nenad Jankovic, and Dejana Sparavalo Stribor Kusturica has become a unique, spectacular and incredibly emotional experience for any visitor who has watched or will watch the opera "Dom za vešanje"

Musical accompaniment: No Smoking Orchestra

• Cast and performers are:

Perhan granny- Gorica Popovic,
Ahmed - Ivan Jevtović
Perhan - Stevan Andjelkovic,
Azra - Milica Todorovic,
DR. Lorenco - Dejan Sparavalo,
Danira - Marijana Bizumić,

Directed by Emir Kusturica
Executive producer: Dragoslav Gane Pecikoza

Punk opera "Dom za vešanje", directed by Emir Kusturica had its premiere in Paris on 26.06.2007. and reprise 2008th year. It has undergone a magnificent success with 30 sold-out performances at the Opera Bastille, where he saw the opera 90 000 lucky that bought their tickets months in advance. In Belgrade, the play was set between 10 - 15 November 2010th and sparked unprecedented interest.

Punk opera "Time of the Gypsies" on March 25 was canceled for technical reasons.
Purchased tickets can be exchanged for a performance which will be held March 24, or can be returned to the dealer where Purchased.
Thank you for your understanding.
M FACTORY - organizer of the opera.