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Tourist Organization of Belgrade
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22.03.2012 -23. March | Concert | Belgrade Cultural centre Makedonska 22 |

World Music Festival “Todo Mundo”

The First World Music Festival in Belgrade!

Tourist Organization of Belgrade

Organized by: Dom Omladine Beograda in cooperation with the French Institute, "Long Play" agency  and Ring Ring association  
The Festival program was selected by: Sara Gigante, Dragan Ambrozić, Zoran Vulović, Bojan Djordjević.

World music has its own history and its own past, heroes and legends, as it has been for two decades onwards a cultural and commercial trade mark. Globalization and intercultural communication have changed the meaning of “musical tradition” in many parts of the world. 
In Belgrade there is neither festival opportunity nor a series of events which can improve our knowledge about ethno music. Around the globe, this kind of music is giving to everybody the best possibilities of getting introduced into different cultural options and points of view. Presenting the music of “another world" is an ideal platform from which everyone can understand his own world better and then discover and understand the world of the others, of the “different ones”.

22.03. at 20.30 Americana

22.03 at 21.30 Americana 

23.03. at 21.00 Americana 
Svetlana Spajić and Bokan Stankovic (Serbia)

23.03. at 22.00 Americana
KONONO No 1 (Kongo)

23.03. at 23.30, Club
NAKED (Serbia)