30.09.2014 | Belgrade
Belgrade is featured in the October issue of the renowned French French magazine Avantages by the journalist Sophie Massalovitch who has visited Belgrade...


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11.04.2012 20:30h | Concert | Belgrade Youth Centre Makedonska 22 |

Serbian jazz, man!

Tourist Organization of Belgrade

Multimedia project "Serbian jazz, man!" Which consists of an exhibition of photographs, photo-monograph promotion and concertwill be held on 11th April in Belgrade Youth Centre.

“Serbian Jazz, bre!” project is a multimedia art photographer Ivana Grilc, orginated primarily from ideas to present and actively promote Serbian culture and art, embodied in personalities of composers and performers of Serbian contemporary jazz scene, resulting in the emergence of a unique anthology of jazz in Serbia.

Working intensively on improving and transfromating the current reality, many years of involvement in the project “Serbian, men”.  The cervix is the synthetic stugy of portraits, light and music, and the extension of its seriousness, dynamic and multilayered content, create a real point of the historical context of the representation a land development of visual arts in general.