05. Apr 2020.

The first 6D magic spectacle for children and adults. Premier in this area, Magician Strahinja performs the latest tricks and illusions that leave the Las Vegas audience breathless. In this 6D spectacle, Magician Strahinja will intrigue you, not only with magic and illusions but with unusual special effects. Both young and older children will have the opportunity to actively participate in the play, and the bravest will receive a special gift.

You will see teleportation of objects, dangerous tricks such as Russian roulette and grasping a bullet with your teeth, getting rid of chains, reading minds, rub-cube tricks, an iPad, as well as, Strahinja's famous part - levitation point. This spectacle is complemented by effects such are fireballs, snow, winds, fog and many more surprises that make this show unforgettable.

Magician Strahinja collaborates with the world's largest companies like Netflix, TLC, Helsana. His magic clips in a short time have become extremely attractive to all ages, with millions of views on social networks.

He has taken the secrets of this art from the greatest illusionists - David Copperfield, Losander, as well as the currently most popular magician in the world, Julius Dein. Strahinja combined the skills of each of them into a 6D magic show that is enjoyable for all ages.