23. Apr 2020.

Six-time Grammy Award winner, trumpet player, and composer Terence Blanchard will perform with his quintet, E-Collective, a concert at the Belgrade club Bitefartkafe on April 23.

Known as a constant force in the music industry and as a fighter who with his music clearly points to the American tragedies of the past and present time, with his quintet he deals with the issue of the cyclical epidemic of armed violence that he introduced through his new album "Live". The album found 7 powerful songs recorded live at a concert to reflect the frustration of a crowd that is aware of the issue and is struggling. With a title that has an ambiguous meaning, the album is, in fact, a sequel to the 2015 album “Breathless” an award-winning Grammy Award.

The music featured on the live album has been symbolically collected from live concerts at locations where the population has experienced growing conflicts between authorities and African-American citizens. This project condemns armed violence, whether directed at profiled citizens or representatives of law and order.