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25.11.2014 | Belgrade
Tourist Organization of Belgrade
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Ada Ciganlija

Tourist Organization of Belgrade

Ada Ciganlija proudly bears the name of “Belgrade Sea”.

Green, clean, equipped and relaxed, it becomes the favourite spot of Belgraders with the first signs of the spring sun. From the early mornings until late into the night, Ada Ciganlija is always lively.

 Ada Ciganlija was, in fact, turned into a peninsula by human hands, surrounded by an embankment and bounded by the Sava River on one and the Sava Lake on the other side. It has a surface area of approximately 800 hectares and is awarded with the Blue Flag, international recognition for the quality of the beach second year in a row. The name most likely originates with the Celtic words “singa” and “lia”, meaning “island” and “underwater land”, while in time it morphed into the popular “ciganlija”.

 Ada is a true ecological oasis of Belgrade, decorated with clean waters and a thick deciduous forest. It is a natural habitat for a large number of bird, rodent and insect species. The Sava Lake is home to a large number of fish.

 It is easy to find an ideal place for bathing along the 7 kilometres of gravel beach. With public baths, showers and fountains as the necessary additional accessories, rescue crews, ambulance and police, the offer of Ada Ciganlija is exceptionally diverse.

 Apart from swimming, you can row a boat, a kayak or a canoe on the lake, play water polo, windsurf, water-ski using a specially constructed cable-pulley, descend down toboggans, ride pedal-boats...

 If you tire of the water, you can ride a bicycle, play football, basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis, baseball, golf, rugby, field hockey, lift your adrenaline levels bungee jumping, relax fishing on specially built platforms or sharpen your spirit and body free climbing an artificial rock.

 For total relaxation choose one of over 70 restaurants and cafes along the lake shoreline and the rafts, and have a bit of respite.