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The municipality of Lazarevac, one of the 17 Belgrade municipalities, is located in the picturesque part of Šumadija in the immediate vicinity of the Kolubara River, 55 km to the south-west of Belgrade.

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Lazarevac was named to honour 500 years of the Battle of Kosovo, after the Serbian Prince Lazar Hrebeljanović.

 The Memorial Charnel-house, the crypt of the Church of the Saint Martyr Dimitrije, preserves the bones of those killed in the Battle of Kolubara, the greatest and most important battle between the Serbian and Austro-Hungarian armies during World War I. The 37 m² charnel-house is a rare example of the kindness of one people burying the enemy dead along with their own.

 The centre of town contains the Modern Gallery with the permanent exhibit of a collection of artwork “Savremenici” (“Contemporaries”), created from the donation of the collection of the legacy of Lepa Perović and subsequent purchases from contemporary Yugoslav artists. The collection holds over 200 items. The Modern Gallery also contains the exhibit of an archaeological collection with several hundred items found while digging for coal at the surface digs of the “Kolubara” mining basin.

 The Magical Garden of Bogosav Živković, world renowned sculptor, is an exquisite tourist attraction. Pieces in stone and wood are presented in the artist’s yard. Painted walls, doors, wells, troughs, trees and columns speak of the artist’s tireless spirit seeing all things as objects to be infused with a soul.

 Kamengrad is a stone complex in the centre of Lazarevac created by the naive sculptor Bogosav Živković and the architect Dragana Vukmirović. The complex has four gates. A low undulating wall surrounds the environment, with a small theatre stage in its centre used for plays, monodramas, concerts and literary events.

 The Vrače Hill in the village of Ćelije above the Ibar road is a hill dominating part of the area towards Kolubara and Lajkovac. It was made famous by the Battle of Kolubara as the place of death of Dimitrije Tucović, the leader of the Social-democratic Party.

 The Lazarevac Sports Centre has excellent indoor sports courts. It consists of a swimming pool, gymnastics hall, fitness hall and a dancing and martial arts hall. An auxiliary hall is next to the main one with a bowling alley, shooting gallery and a chess club. Several outdoor courts for smaller sports exist, along with a first class football court with two auxiliary courts and two tennis courts with an auxiliary court all within a hundred meter radius. The complex is rounded off by an Olympic-size swimming pool in the immediate vicinity and a lake located one kilometre away.

 The Kolubara surface mine pits – producing coal – demand the removal of fertile earth, the displacement of rivers and the disappearance of villages. Once the exploitation is over, the remaining landscape is reminiscent of the lunar surface. Parts of this region were recultivated. The hillsides are forested, while small lakes were formed in the valleys, making this an ideal space for recreational relaxation. There are over twenty small lakes in this region, surrounded by picturesque forests. The parts that are still barren have been discovered by extreme sports enthusiasts. A motor-cross race and exhibition contest track are unique to this part of Europe.


 Children’s Humour Festival at the "Dimitriјe Tucović" Library, held during the third week of September. The manifestation stimulates creative thinking and positive creativity in children.

International Fair of Agriculture, Ecology and Rural Tourism, held in the Lazarevac Sports Centre in March. The main goal of the fair is to provide new professional knowledge to producers and experts in the region in order to improve production.

A street race is held in mid-May. More than fifteen races in various categories are held for over 1,000 runners.

The Art Assemblies of Gruјica Lazarević in Rudovci gather a large number of painters from across Serbia each year.

Beekeeping Days on the plateau in front of the Lazarevac municipality are held in early September. A large number of beekeepers from the Lazarevac municipality and the region take part in the manifestation each year.

“Spin the Pedals from Lazarevac to Bogovađa”, a manifestation occurring on the third Saturday in June. Envisioned as an active full-day field trip aiming to bring children joy, fun and awareness of the unity of human beings and their natural environment.

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