09.09.2014 | Belgrade
New frames of Belgrade is an exhibition of photographs created by young talented artists of Academy of Arts in Belgrade, and is inspired with the Serbian...
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Monument to Archibald Reiss

Tourist Organization of Belgrade

Author: Marko Brežanin (Topčider Park; erected in 1931)

 Doctor Archibald Reiss (1876-1929, publicist, professor of the University in Lausanne, famous criminologist). Invited by the Serbian Government to conduct a survey of the Hungarian, German and Bulgarian atrocities from World War I. Lived on the Thessaloniki Front between 1916 and 1919 and grew so close to the Serbian people that he decided to remain in Belgrade forever. Received the Medal of Courage for his work, but Reiss always pointed out that the gratitude of the Serbian people was the sole reward for all that he has done during those difficult times. Wrote the well-meaning appeal “Hear ye, Serbs”, a form of political testament about the events in Serbia during the period between 1918 and 1928. Buried at the Topčider Graveyard, while his heart, by his own request, rests on Kaimakchalan.