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19.11.2014 | Belgrade
In its recently published article on Belgrade, The Globe and Mail, a major Canadian daily newspaper based in Toronto describes Serbian capital as one of...
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Building of the National Assembly

Tourist Organization of Belgrade

The first plans for the House of the National Assembly were made in 1891 by Konstantin A. Jovanović.

The work of Jovan Ilkić was awarded at the altered call for entries for building plans held on 1901 in the vicinity of the Batal Mosque, though essentially they were a variant of the solution proposed by Jovanović. The construction of the palace began in 1907, with King Peter I laying the foundation stone. Ilkić died in a camp at Nežider during World War I and the plans were lost. New plans corresponding to the current state of construction were drawn by Pavle, the son of Ilkić, with Nikolaj Krasnov being of particular help with completing the facility, especially the interior. The building was finally completed in 1936. It was shaped in the spirit of academic traditionalism, with luxurious interior decoration (both architectural and artistic), undertaken by the most renowned artists and artisans of the time. The monumental sculptural group “Black Horses at Play” was set up in front of the main entrance, the work of the famous sculptor Toma Rosandić.