09.09.2014 | Belgrade
New frames of Belgrade is an exhibition of photographs created by young talented artists of Academy of Arts in Belgrade, and is inspired with the Serbian...


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Stroll through Ancient Roman Singidunum

Tourist Organization of Belgrade

Departure: on Sundays at 11.00am, in front of Palace Albania (April-October)

Language: Serbian-English

Duration: 120 minutes

Discount: free

Information: Tourist Information Centre Terazije, Pedestrian Subway under Palace Albania +381 11 2635 622 

The remains of once powerful Ancient Roman Singidunum built in the 1st century after Christ are found on the site of the current city. There are only a few Ancient Roman monuments, and the ones that have not been destroyed lie under the modern city. Under our feet, from Republic Square to Belgrade Fortress and Kalemegdan Park, are most probably Roman lamps, ceramic dishes, remains of fireplaces, barracks of legionary fortresses, ditches, furnaces, Roman tombs and rampart traces.

Route: Republic Square, Vasina St., Student Square, plateau in front of the Faculty of Philosophy, Uzun Mirkova St., Belgrade Fortress (Gallery of Belgrade Fortress, plateau in front of the Victor Monument (overlooking the Southern rampart), Lapidarium beside the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the City of Belgrade, Kalemegdan Park, The Old Gunpowder Depot, Library of the City of Belgrade (Roman Hall), Knez Mihailova St., Čika Ljubina St., Republic Square