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25.11.2014 | Belgrade
Tourist Organization of Belgrade
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Royal complex in Dedinje

It’s time to hear some court music!

Tourist Organization of Belgrade

Song of the day: Jamiroquai – King for a Day

Your Majesty, it’s time for a royal treatment! If you got tired of night life and walk among the mortals, you should head toward Dedinje, posh and exclusive part of Belgrade, where the Royal Palace and the White Palace are situated. The Royal Palace was built between 1924 and 1929, on orders by King Alexander I, as the official royal residence. It is designed in the Serbian-Byzantine style, surrounded by pergolas, park terraces, pools, a pavilion and a concert terrace. Located on the ridge of a hill, it provides a maginificent view of Dedinje, the Košutnjak forest, Topčider and Avala.

Within the same complex, a residence for sons of King Alexander I had been built and named the White Palace. Its salons are arranged in the styles of Louis XV and Louis XVI and it contains a valuable art collection including notable art works by Rembrandt, Fromentin, Vouet, Poussin, Bourdou, Jakšić, Meštrović and many others. It also contains the Royal Library that once housed around 35,000 books and the Ceremonial Dining Hall set up in the Chippendale style.

The palace complex also contains the Royal Family Church modeled after the Church of the Monastery of St. Andrew on Treska in Macedonia.

Palaces are open for visits on weekends, during the tourist season, as it is a home of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia and his family.

Insider tip: If you happen to visit the Royal Complex while the Royal family is at their ‘humble home’, don’t hesitate to use the opportunity to chat with them and take a picture with them. Afterwards, you can boast that you’ve hanged out with the Royalty on your visit to Serbia.