09.09.2014 | Belgrade
New frames of Belgrade is an exhibition of photographs created by young talented artists of Academy of Arts in Belgrade, and is inspired with the Serbian...


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23.01.2012 - – February 18 | Ausstellungen | Sales Art Gallery BEOGRAD 19 Kosančićev venac St. |

Secret Love Beauty

Kosta Bunusevac

Tourist Organization of Belgrade

Opening: Monday, January 23, 7 p.m

Kosta Bunusevac was born in 1948. Split. Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade. Apart from being a painter Bunusevac is an affirmed artist in set design, design, art invention, music, architecture and marketing. Kosta Bunusevac the artist of specific eclectic and synthetic approach to art continuous to create strange sites unexpectedly combining fantastic figuration with hyperrealism or symbolism with cubistic deconstruction of the painting. At the opening Bunusevac is going to present a performance as a certain introduction to the latest series of paintings in watercolors and oil. Exhibited pieces are integrated in objects of different geometrical forms symbolizing and suggesting universal spirituality.

Contact: Slavica Mrdja
Institutionof Culture: Sales Art Gallery BEOGRAD
Adress: 19Kosančićev venac St., Beograd, Srbija
Phone: + 381 11 30 33 923
Mob: + 391 (0) 60 40 40 418


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