09.09.2014 | Belgrade
New frames of Belgrade is an exhibition of photographs created by young talented artists of Academy of Arts in Belgrade, and is inspired with the Serbian...


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26.04.2012 - 14.05. | Ausstellungen | Sales Art Gallery Belgrade Kosančićev Venac 19 |

Exhibition - Kristina Ristic

Tourist Organization of Belgrade

Kristina Ristić­’s initial concept of portraying has all the more become focused on faces that through the process of a radical deformation of the figurative form and subsequent elimination of each detail that could point to a specific person have finally lost all their realistic features and have just become heads. They are the metaphors of the postmodern age man, images of beings caught in a complex, endless net of mutual relations and potential associations.

A dialogue structure is also suggested by the diptych form that, in this case, represents a literal and metaphoric ideal compositional solution that could be the harmonized place of the golden section but also the scene of cataclysmic collisions. – catalogue text by Sanja Todosijević.

Kristina Ristić­ was born in Belgrade in 1973; graduated painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Belgrade in 1995;obtained her Master Degree from the same University in 2000.Recived the IKY (Greek State Foundation) scholarship for specialization in painting in 2006. Hade 13 solo exhibitions in Belgrade, Pančevo, Niš; 3 solo exhibitions in Greece and more than 40 group exhibitions.