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By Car
By Car

Belgrade is located at the intersection of the European E-70 and E-75 highways.

Foreign drivers in Serbia are required to have a national driver’s license, traffic permit and an insurance policy.

Distance from Belgrade to European cities:

Amsterdam 1760 km
Athens 1090 km
Vienna 621 km
Berlin 1489 km
Bern 1361 km
Brussels 1702 km
Budapest 383 km
Bucharest 619 km
Istanbul 928 km
Copenhagen 2018 km
London 2073 km
Ljubljana 528 km
Munich 1020 km
Moscow 2211 km
Oslo 2577 km
Prague 901 km
Rome 1280 km
Sarajevo 325 km
Skopje 440 km
Sofia 380 km
Thessaloniki 700 km
Stockholm 2622 km
Warsaw 1115 km
Zagreb 390 km 

Road Toll

Passenger vehicles with foreign license plates pay road tolls on the following highways: E-70 Subotica – Novi Sad, E-75 Novi Sad – Belgrade, E-70 Šid – Belgrade, E-75 Belgrade – Niš and E-75 Niš – Leskovac.

Road Assistance

The Automobile and Motorcycle Association of Serbia (AMSS) offers roadside assistance services on a 24/7/365 basis.
Roadside assistance includes breakdown services and, in case the vehicle can not be repaired - transport of the vehicle to a desired car repair shop, garage or the place of residence.
AMSS offers roadsided services to all motorists on the territory of Serbia. AMSS members and members of the foreign automobile clubs are entitled to a large number of roadside services, free of charge.
In order to benefit from the roadside assistance services, it is necessary to dial the number of the AMSS Operations Centre, through a unique telephone number + 381 11 1987 (landlines and all mobile networks). 
Also, AMSS Operations Centre provides information on the state of roads in the country, as well as other relevant information of use to motorists travelling in the country and abroad.

Ruzveltova 18
11000 Beograd
Tel: + 381 11 333 11 10
Fax: + 381 11 333 11 04 
Operations Centre: + 381 11 1987


The green card, an international certificate, serves as evidence to confirm the existence of insurance against the responsibility for damage inflicted upon third parties abroad. Motorized tourists with vehicles bearing foreign license plates with no green card are obliged to purchase insurance with local insurance companies when entering Serbia, at the border crossing.

Certain petrol stations along the main traffic routes and in major cities operate non-stop, every day.

All types of local or foreign fuel and motor oils can be purchased at nearly all major petrol stations. The following types of fuel are regularly on offer:

BMB95 – unleaded
MB95 – premium
Eco 3 diesel
TNG – auto gas

Always keep in mind – Belgraders are known for their “wild” driving.

By Train
By Train

“Serbian Railways” provide for the following commercial discounts: Inter Rail, Euro Domino, Railplus, Balkan Flexipass, Easy Travel Card, Euro<26, City Star and the Unified Balkans Tariff. Serbian Railways, Nemanjina 6, tel. +381 11 36 16 722, Additional possibilities are provided by Eurail.Com and can be found on:  ...

By Airplane
By Airplane

The "Nikola Tesla" airport in Surčin is located 18 km from the centre of Belgrade. Flight information can be obtained by telephone, at +381 11 20 94 444 or through the website. Transportation from the airport to the city centre: Public transportation (GSP) – nr. 72 bus line and A1 bus line to Slavija Ticket price: 80 din. Trip duration: 40 min. Route: Zeleni venac – New Belgrade municipality – Students’ City – Vojvođanska Street In order to enhance taxi service from Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, the Assembly of City of Belgrade is introducing...

By Bus
By Bus

Belgrade Bus Station Železnička 4, operator +381 11 26 44 455, fax +381 11 26 59 480, Tickets are sold: 00-24h Information and reservation Local lines: +381 11 26 36 299, +381 11 26 23 170 (05.30-22.00h) International lines:
BAS tourist, Železnička 4, tel. +381 11 26 27 146 (07-00h)
 BAS tourist, Maršala Birjuzova 2, tel. +381 11 26 22 526 (08-20h)                     Portal is an internet service for online ticket sale and providing viable information regarding...